Thursday, October 29, 2015

Michigan Thursday: Looks At All The Head Coaching Openings

Today is October, 29th and these are the high profile head coaching jobs open right now in the NCAA.

  • Miami, FL
  • Central Florida
  • South Carolina
  • Southern California
  • Maryland
  • Illinois
  • Minnesota
I don't know if people track these things but I can't remember this number of high profile jobs opened during the year and we still have over a month left in the season.

Others that might be opened after the season:
  • Texas - win over Oklahoma probably saved his job
  • Purdue - It's Purdue
  • Rutgers - This program is full of issues
Top Candidates:
  1. Rich Rod:  He is only making $1.5M at Arizona and his team if full of offense and zero defense.  Sound familiar? $1.5M for a high profile college coach is nothing and he can recruit South Florida.  Miami if they write a check. 
  2. Matt Campbell, Toledo:  He is the latest good young (he is 35) coach from Toledo.   I look for his name tied to Minnesota and maybe Maryland. 
  3. Matt Rhule, Temple:  Temple is playing some great football right now and his name could blow up if they upset ND at home on Halloween night.   Look for the Big Ten schools to give him a look .
  4. Justin Fuente, Memphis: Same story as the Matt's above.  Maybe a good fit somewhere like UCF or Illinois.
  5. DJ Durkin:  Look at Michigan's and Florida's defense the last two years.  He is young and full of energy, he coached one game as a head coach in Florida's bowl game and is from Jimmy's tree.   UCF or one of the jobs that open up at Temple or Memphis. 
Both USC's will look for a high profile type of coach.  Maybe someone like Dan Mullen or Mike Gundy.   Brady Hoke would be a good fit at Toledo or Memphis if it opened up.   North Texas has an opening but I don't consider that job the class of the others above.

  • ESPN's head man John Skipper says ESPN is fine and the loss of top talent, millions of subscribers and lay offs doesn't mean they are retrenching.  Ok boss.

  • Continuing the narrative on recent Michigan transfers:  Blake Countess has played in all of Auburn's games and has 35 tackles, 5 pass deflections and no interceptions.

  • Jourdan Lewis: Just tweeted: I came to Michigan to get my education not to leave in three years.  Many had predicted he would leave early for the NFL.  Let's hope this is true, but if he is considered a 1st rounder he may reconsider.

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ScottyDoggs said...

++Great article... Rich Rod at Miami would be a good match... Rich would have a name school, a fertile recruiting area...just wish he would go to regular defense and ditch the 3-3-5.
Where these coaches are going gives you something else to think about. Bob > Quit talking up Durkin... they might hear you... we want him forever!