Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Michigan Tuesday: Worms and Machine Guns

You probably don’t want to linger on what happened a week and a half ago, but have you gotten any clarification from the Big Ten on the Joe Bolden ejection that you can share with us?

“No, nothing I can share and just as a point of reference, not into the if-this if-that type of scenarios. If worms had machine guns then birds would be scared of them. We’re looking to define our season over the next number of games that we play.”

As you expected, this was from Jimmy's press conference yesterday. 

  • Jimmy expects Drake Johnson to be ready on Saturday.  He has been nursing an injury.  Brian Cole won't be ready.

  • I didn't think I would ever be giving another Sam McGuffie update ever again - He just made the US Bobsled Team.  Well done Sam!  This could be an idea for a new blog BigHouse Bobsled? :)

  • Rashan Gary is looking for 4 things in a school:  Food, family, academics and place Mom is comfortable.  Someone make sure Rashan gets to Zingerman's, Knights and Angelo's.  He is still planning a UA game announcement.

  • Michigan commit QB Brandon Peters moved in the ESPN top 100 players at #92 in their recent rankings.

  • I wouldn't be surprised if we heard DJ Durkin and Jedd Fisch names thrown around for the University of Miami job.


M go Clean said...

I hate to say this since Harbaugh has been everything that we wanted...and, I've heard so many opinions, even Hoke's thoughts.......but What would have happened if Harbaugh wouldn't have called timeouts on 2nd and 3rd down, and instead hiked the ball with a second left on the play clock out of a "delayed" victory formation.......I would think that 3-5 seconds per play could have been eaten up, negating the need to even have a 4th down play. Am I missing something here......Seems like clock management 101 knowing the min, max, and avg. time that can be eaten up per play when the other team has no timeouts?

ScottyDoggs said...

M go Clean: thanx for saying that ... It was a time management issue... and the picture with our kicker surrounded by a horde (worse then locusts), of Spartan players says it all.. anyone that blames the kicker has eaten too many potato chips.
I know we are supposed to move on but I have a possible explanation to the "other world" comments by Hoke... is that Hoke likes Mexican food and was out West just before his comments... ate his specialty "cactus", lots of the one that has effects like LSD>.. so it's not his fault. His lips were moving but not his mind.

Scott K said...

If the Blake got the punt off there wouldn't be any conversation about it at all.
Jim probably wishes he had that last possession back, as does Blake and ever other player on the roster.


Tim said...

Kudo's on blog. I love it. Thanks all, especially Bob.

Agreed Scott K...hindsight is 20/20. If Jimmy would have went for it, got stopped and Cook throws hail mary in end zone Michigan would have been criticized for not punting. Hingsight 20/20.

I still like where Michigan future is headed!


Bob said...

Everybody makes good points, but a punt should have been a easy play to win the game. ESPN gave MSU less then 1% to win the game at the time of the punt. I think that is pretty good odds. Mostly when they don't have anyone back. If you change anything, I think you line up the punt team in max protect like your kicking out of your own end zone.

Voice of Reason said...

I agree, I think punting is "technically" the best move to make, and when you see that msu was going to go after the punter (which was their best pro-active shot) then you max protect, and then if the punter fumbles the ball, he should have fallen on it. IMHO!!!