Sunday, October 11, 2015

Nearly Perfect

David Guralnick, Detroit News

It's hard to use a baseball analogy on a football game.   There are too many things in a football game that could go wrong.  An offside, a sack on third down or a dropped pass.   If those things happen in a football as they always will, it can't be a perfect game.  

With that said, the Wolverines played a near perfect game on Saturday. 

Special Teams played well - Check

The defense didn't give up any points - Check

The offense scored points - Check

We knew it was going to be a good day when Jehu scored a TD on the opening kick.   M00N 2 was no longer an option and the game was about 10 seconds old. 

What a day and what a win!

  • Special Teams!
  • Rudock playing the game we all hoped he would
  • Offensive line for opening holes for all the RB's
  • Everyone on the defense, unbelievable!
  • Derrick Green showing some life after a true freshman was getting his snaps
  • A complete win
  • Targeting on James Ross and missing the 1st half of the MSU game
  • Seems the targeting call on Rudock was legit

That was a special win against a ranked opponent. no rest for the Wolverines as another highly ranked opponent is coming into the Big House next week.   Please don't be fooled on how MSU has played this year.   They will not be sleep walking into the Big House on Saturday and Dantonio will have a special game plan that he has been working on all year.   

Saturday will be a good game against two power football teams that like to play a little defense. 

  • Michigan #12 in the AP
  • ESPN Game Day will be in Ann Arbor next week for MSU
  • Randy Edsall has be fired from Maryland

1 comment:

Scott K said...

Holy Wah.... does it feel good to be excited about Saturdays again!

I'm 85% unrestrained in letting the inner skepticism go. We don't even have to win against MSU, we just have to play a solid game and I'll stop holding that small expectation of a let down, because not even Jim and turn the ship in his first season, right? 8-4 was going to be acceptable in year one, now that just seems so unlikely that it would be a letdown.

Wow, this team is back. GO BLUE!!