Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Wolverine Wednesday: The Recent Kareem Walker Recruiting Timeline

One of the biggest surprises of last weekend was that Kareem Walker the #1 RB in the country and Ohio Sate commit visited Michigan.  Kareem is very close to Jabrill Peppers and some of Michigan's NJ commits.   So he jumped on a plane and watched Michigan shut out the #13 team in the nation and got to spend some time with his boys  The word from C-Bus was they were not very happy with the visit (as you might expect).   Things happen quickly in recruiting and from the best of my knowledge here is the recent timeline in his recruitment. 

  • Friday Night:  Coach Wheatley watches Kareem play.  
  • Saturday:  Kareem Walker takes an official visit for the Northwestern game
  • Monday:  Reaction from OSU is not a positive one - starts recruiting Wisconsin commit RB Antonio Williams.
  • Tuesday:  A rumor from OSU is they are giving Kareem 24 hours to cancel his official visits and stay in the OSU class.
  • Tuesday Night:   RB Antonio Williams announces he will visit Columbus this weekend for the Penn State game.
  • Update today: Antonio Williams de-commits from Wisconsin
 Is this something or nothing?   Sounds like it's something.  We will see.  

  • Did you know that Mark Dantonio went to the University of South Carolina?  I would hate for that to be a distraction this week.  “Coach Spurrier has had an outstanding career there,” Dantonio said. “It’s my alma mater and we’re here to talk about Michigan.”

  • Sounds like Mario Ojemudia is going to apply for a 5th year medical red shirt after he tore his Achilles against Maryland.  Normally, you have to play less then 30% of your games to get one, Mario played more but there have been exceptions to the rule.

  • Official visitors this weekend include: CA WR Dyan Crawford, FL TE Isaac Nauta, CA DB Lamar Jackson, and Stanford commit CB David Long.


Scott K said...

Not sure how reliable the source, but it sure sounds good for MI. There is so much buzz right now, If there is no implosion game (you know the one we've been used, for the past 10 seasons) and this team keeps gradually improving game over game....WOW

Wins vs sparty and ohio aren't even necessary, as long as the games are competitive and the teams that beat us end the season top 10 programs.

GO BLUE We'll gladly take Walker, keep Weber, you know, the kid with the blown ACL, the one you deceived to secure his commitment. LOL

Scott K said...

could a pair of Kareem's be in the cards?