Saturday, November 21, 2015

A Good Hard Fought Win

Michigan defensive tackle Willie Henry sacks Penn State
David Guralnick / Detroit News
Sometimes your the better team and win the game, sometimes you give the game away and sometimes the officials gift the victory to the other team.   I think we could have made a case for each of those in this game today. 

Michigan was clearly the better team in winning this game 28-16.  They stopped Penn State inside the 10 yard line 3 times and scored a TD a quarter.   The Michigan defense is back and played a very good game, minus a few big plays.   Hackenberg only threw for 137 yards.  What also was back was 13 Michigan penalties, some self inflicted, others seemed very questionable from the Big Ten officials who have seemed to struggle in most Michigan games this year.

Rudock played well but did turnover the ball twice on a pick and a fumble.   The defensive seemed like they were going to stop Penn State on every drive, but a big play or a big penalty let them keep this game a little too close for comfort. 

Jimmy and staff were clearly the difference in this game, they out coached the Penn State staff by a large margin.   I would also like to give a little love to Michigan's offensive line.  I thought they had one of the best games of of their season against a very good PSU D-line.

  • Michigan's D-line played well after a couple of big runs in the 1st qtr.
  • Rudock played well enough to win - 256 yards in the air
  • Michigan's Defense for 3 stops inside the 10 yard line
  • Lewis for the game changing kick off return
  • Peppers again for being everywhere
  • RJS pressure on the last 4th down play
  • 13 penalties
  • Big ten officials that seems to want tv time
  • Blocked punt
  • Pick and fumble
Next week is going to be very fun!


ScottyDoggs said...

I hate to put words in anyone's mouth... but I bet Harbaugh would rather play an undefeated Ohio State team rather than playin Ohio State just to see who wins... Harbaugh wanted the championship decided between Ohio State and Michigan. Personally, I am glad that Ohio State got beat by Michigan State, because a loss affects their mental attitude, now they have to get over the loss, plus get ready for Michigan. It's been many moon's since Ohio State lost, has to affect them some (of course it could motivate them extremely hard, but usually a loss is a downer (hopefully they do not recover until mid-week.

Renegade said...

Regardless of what happens next week, Coach Harbaugh and his staff deserve high praise for getting this team to produce. When I looked at the schedule before the season I honestly thought a good season would 6 or 7 wins. Harbaugh got this team to toughen up and fight on every play. Congratulations on a job well done coach.

Voice of Reason said...

Michigan still has to win the OSU game, and it is still very possible that psu will beat msu in the final game. That game isn't a gimme for msu and they've been winning some ugly games. Some where along the line their fortune is going to run out and I think it is very likely it could be the psu game that they'll overlook. Therefore, Michigan still needs to be ready. IMHO!!!

Big35Hurt said...

God I hope that Cook can't go against PSU......Ohio State has won their last game of the season. That team is "lost". It goes to show you that football is a team game, and Urban Liar lost that team early on this year with the QB Shuffle. In addition, the playcalling is horrendous this year for Ohio, and they have no WR's that can separate and get open. Now they're all jumping ship to and announcing their intentions to go to the NFL. They're very unfocused right now.

Big35Hurt said...

When Stanford beats ND (and they WILL), the 4 conference champs regardless of record will be in the playoffs. (The Pac 12 is already done) you'll be looking at:
Clemson or UNC
Oklahoma or Baylor
Big 10 champ

Scott K said...

Just returned from a week of deer hunting in the UP, internet free.... Fuck the michigan dnr and the wolves they reintroduced to the UP. The deer herd up there is sparse and shrinking. Way to go all the tree hugging retards that voted to ban wolf hunting.

Besides that.... Urban Liar could be just one more loss away from getting death threats from his faithful fan base, could there be health issues around the corner and the contemplation of another retirement? LOL If he would have had Miller as his starting QB all season, they would have a team that dominated, not squeaked thru a cupcake schedule and lost to the only two ranked teams they faced all season.