Saturday, November 28, 2015

Can't Stop The Run, Can't Win

Michigan's defense which got exposed against Minnesota and Indiana, equaled a loss against a good team today.

> OSU went IU on Michigan's defense today and the Buckeyes never looked back. Michigan got out coached, out talented and out played. The play of the game was the stupid roughing the kicker penalty. Michigan had no business trying to block that punt and should have set up for a return. That play and the next long run, got the Buckeyes believing they could win.

Michigan's special teams mistakes and very poor linebacker play killed the Wolverines today.

Now the Wolverines might have to play a bowl game with out their starting QB. Michigan finished 9-3 and lost to every good team that they played. What was new, is they beat the teams they should have. Today's result proved this program still has a lot of work to do.


ScottyDoggs said...

Bob: You better check that , I think we finished 9-3 ( 12 games)... absolutely should of not tried to block bunt... I also would have tried to convert 4th and 5 at the Ohio State 35... both of them are decisive mis-calculations.
So is the glass have full or have empty... 9-3 is better than most thought possible... but then this Ohio State beat down... puts us back in place... I remember when they tried to use AC (carter as a secret weapon it blew up in our faces also.
People identify with their football teams, but not so much other winning sports like softball. I read and seen pictures where tail gating started at a football game in 1869, using their horse drawn wagons.
You can say it's just a game, but has it morphed into something else. The coach at LSU is shown the door, after he raised his own bar of excellence over the years.. good luck trying to replace him.
I think about Woody Hayes and his tremendous body of work only to be remembered for punching an opposition player (Clemson?)... I grew up with a neighbor (Jim Kregel) who was twice All-American (first string)... I met him 15 years later and he told me that if you made a mistake in practice, expect a punch in the chest by Woody... His last season, Woody was on probation for punching players which led to his immediate firing upon hitting the player... I often wonder if the Clemson player said something or teased the Ohio State bench... because Woody never regretted throwing that punch.
Look at Joe Pa and his tremendous body of work... but something was rotten there also... A crime just as bad as murder goes unreported to the authorities... What was Joe Pa thinking, or the assistant that witnessed the crime... after all those years of work Joe Pa leaves in disgrace but did not have to... his lawyers tried to help him, and ask Joe if he had any friends on the school board, alas all he had was enemies... shame on that assistant that did not go to police... probably worried about his own job, since Joe Pa was all a demaGod.
I apologize for my rant, but I have drifted away from these games being the most important event to me... call me a coward (or brilliant) ,but when the score was 28-10, I turned off computer, and went to work (trying to be productive... Hats off to this blog, and you have to give kudo's to MGOBLOG, I believed those guy's are so deep into the game that they could design plays for Michigan, but their site is a bit heavy(deep) for me.
I worked for a time for one of Bo's friend, and he would always ask me over to eat at Bo's , I was still young yet (25), and always refused because I was not a football player, what would you have done?
I went to a Michigan/Notre Dame Hockey the eve of college recruiting in early 1980 eighty... I soon discovered that Bo and Moeller was sitting right in front of me... I waited until one of the breaks and asked him how recruiting was going... he pretty much let me know not to go there... and then apologized by giving me a one armed hug around my shoulders... left him alone after that.

dude1984 said...

Lack of defensive depth + lack of speed/athletes + terrible defensive game plan + 0 adjustments= train wreck against elite teams. That game was death by a thousand paper cuts.

I thought they'd get 8 or 9 wins. They did, so that is good. Now they need to focus on bringing in the speed/athletes needed to challenge the elite teams. Outside of QB, they should take a TCU approach to recruiting i.e recruit speedy athletes with at least average football IQ, put them where they'd fit best in the system, and coach them up.

Big35Hurt said...

The only thing that "surprises" me about the game was that people were SURPRISED in the first place. Michigan had absolutely ZERO depth on the DLine for the past month or so. We are down THREE STARTERS, plus another 5 star (Pipkins) is no longer on the team. That depleted what was a strong run defense earlier in the year. It was apparent vs Indiana that we didn't have the depth or talent still playing on the DLine to stop the run. This was a foregone conclusion before the game started.
I was pretty disappointed though in the LB play. Morgan and Bolden were a step slow all day and Ross didn't tackle for shit. I've mentioned this here before, I'm concerned that we lose 4 LB's this year and the next wave isn't very good. Plus, I don't see us bringing in the LB talent that we need either in this upcoming class. Bush Jr (if we get him) is a little small and will need some college weight training for sure. Caleb Kelly is pretty much a lock to go to Oklahoma now I think. I don't see us "in" on any other big name LB's.
I'm also pretty concerned about WR for next year. Perry and Harris seem too light to be impact players anytime soon, and Ways seems like the only 1 that may be ready.
Switching gears back to the Ohio St game.....I DO think Durkin & Co tried to make adjustments, the issue was that no matter what, we lost the battle at the LOS, so it doesn't matter what you're calling in that circumstance.....Plus, our CB's also lost most of the 50/50 balls. That really hurt....

Bob said...

Don't be surprised if Jimmy looks for a 5th year transfer LB this off season. It's a huge hole for next year.

Big35Hurt said...

I was thinking (hoping) for that very thing...