Friday, November 13, 2015

Indiana Preview


Time: 3:30 EST
Location: Memorial Stadium
Weather: Sunny H 54
Line: Michigan -13

Kevin Wilson is Indiana's head coach and before IU he was the Oklahoma OC for 8 years prior.   This makes a ton of sense, because IU plays more like they should be in the Big 12 then the Big 10.   IU is full of offense and plays very little defense.  They rank 47th in scoring offense and 115th in scoring defense nationally. 

This strategy got IU out to a fast start and a 4-0 record in the non-conference.   Since then they are 0-5 and yet to win a conference game.  They did play #1 OSU and #9 Iowa close.  Their best win is against the ACC's Wake Forest.

Tale of The Tape

Michigan Defense vs. IU Offense = Michigan
Rudock Now vs. Rudock Early = Rudock Now
Michigan Offense vs. IU Defense = Michigan
IU's Mojo vs. Michigan on the road = IU

Michigan has won 19 straight games against Indiana and it sure doesn't seem like it.   I have memories of too close games against Rich Rod's team and a fast RB going un-touched for long TD runs.   Michigan is playing much better on the road under Harbaugh, but I still get nervous since the Wolverines were terrible on the road under RR and Hoke. 

The keys to this game are an easy one.   Can Michigan pressure IU QB Nate Sudfeld into making mistakes?   Expect a ton of three step drops and getting the ball out quick.   Kevin Cook will not want to run a ton of long route plays to let Wormley plant Sudfeld.   Don't be fooled Nate Sudfled is one of the best QB's in the Big Ten and Michigan two losses have come against good QB play. 

The Michigan DB's will be tested and the Dline will have to stay in their lanes to pressure the QB and not get hit with big runs from the IU running backs.   We really need Bolden, Ross and Morgan to not get fooled.  I also expect to see a ton of Michigan DB's in this game.   Knock it down Stribling and Thomas catch the ball!

Sing Hail to the Victors if.....................
  • Michigan doesn't have to punt
  • Good Rudock is now Regular Rudock
  • Michigan can run the ball
  • Pressure and great DB play keeps IU from scoring points
  • LB's play great
Yell, Not this again if.......................
  • Sudfeld is picking apart the Michigan secondary
  • IU RB's  Howard and Redding are getting big chuck plays
  • It's a shootout in the 30's or 40's
  • Michigan has 1st half road fog

This is strength vs. strength game and who is more effective will win this game.   I have confidence in Michigan's defense vs. IU's offense.  I'm concerned Michigan didn't play very well in the 1st half against Minnesota or Maryland and if that happens again, Michigan could find themselves down a few scores.   IU plays fast and Michigan will need to play a ton of guys on defense.  Michigan will also have to score points because the defense will not pitch a shut out in this game.   A good sign will be if Michigan has a 100 yard rusher. 

Michigan 38 IU 20

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Voice of Reason said...

Shall we call them the Cardiac Kids this year? They are growing up, facing the best efforts of their opponents.

Go Blue!!!