Saturday, November 14, 2015

IU Post Game

Michigan wide receiver Jehu Chesson catches the ball
David Guralnick, Detroit News

Jehu "Freaking" Chesson
Jake "Freaking" Rudock

That is pretty much the entire post game analysis you need.   IU's offense made the #2 ranked Michigan defense look like a high school team.   Michigan got run over the entire night.  It was only a 4th and goal pass break up that gave the Wolverines a win. 

Don't be fooled Michigan fans, Jake Rudock is playing some great football right now.   I understand why Jimmy and staff wanted to run the ball but Jake was picking apart the IU defense at will.  With the exception of the one bad INT, it was a great example of how to play QB.  What's ironic is that Michigan played much better as a team earlier in the year while Jake was finding his footing.  Now he is playing great and the rest of the team has seemed to taken a pretty big step back. 

Michigan missed Ryan Glasgow and will miss him for the rest of the year as Jimmy announced he has a pectoral issue and won't be back.   The defensive line will have to find answers as the job doesn't get any easier in Happy Valley and OSU at the Big House.

Michigan's issue isn't just with the D-Line, the offensive line has it's problems as well.  Jake was the team's leading rusher, outgaining Smith 64 to 58 yards.   A road win is a good win, but damn that was another frustrating game to watch. 

  • Rudock MVP of the Game
  • Chesson a great day with 4 TD's
  • Michigan;s WR unit
  • Hill for showing up on the final two plays
  • Finding a way to win
  • Michigan O and D lines have some serious issues
  • Way too many penalties
  • Very poor special teams
  • LB play has been terrible since MSU
  • Missed opportunities in the second half
  • At times way too conservative run play calls
Special Teams has been pretty poor of late.  It started at the end of the first half when Michigan didn't let the clock run and gave IU about 15 more seconds.  Bad snaps, missed field goal, almost missed extra point and a punt return for a TD. 

Michigan has a lot to fix before the trip to Happy Valley because we all know we will see the best Penn State team this year when Michigan comes to town.


ScottyDoggs said...

I forever name this game "the Shoot-out at the OK Corral". With
Jake "Doc Holliday" leading the way to victory.
I have to disagree with you Bob, myself I thought this game was very satisfying (admit a lot of frustrations),but look at Indiana almost beat Ohio State and Iowa, so if they brought their "A" game we were in trouble.
Jake "gun slinger" Rudock proved himself worthy of a pro-offer, and I thought he should of had a "DNA" test, because I saw Tom Brady out there Saturday playing not the old Rudock.
I bad-mouthed Rudock a few tomes.. that he would never improve, etc.
Do I have to repent and go to confession now? I would have to go and say "forgive me Lord", it's been 52 years since my last confession? Should I help the priest out by supplying him with a computer print-out of my sins so it does nor turn into a 48 hour or-deal?
Love this blog because of it's conciseness and simplicity. Yesterday was a great day for me with the Michigan winning a shoot-out, Arizona stunned Utah. AND "ROWDY" RHONDA ROWSEY GOT HER BIG LOUD MOUTH SHUT UP > "PRAISE THE LORD"

Voice of Reason said...

I also saw the game and was met by frustration especially on the defense where there were times when I thought they were unraveling and then times when they rose to the occasion. There were so many needless penalties which is a sign of an undisciplined team. The special teams gave up 7 points and blew a field goal (that’s a ten point give away), and there were a few play calls that I seriously questioned that didn't get the points they should have so all in all, the Wolverines were clearly having a bad day.

I will go to my grave fully convinced that Indiana just like these other teams made sure that they had their "A" game when they played Harbaugh's team. They want to be the team and coach that beat (Super bowl coach and living legend) Jim Harbaugh and their opponents were emotionally high and revved up for the upset and so we're seeing the best of our opponents. This Michigan team is reacting to the heat week after week. This is baptism by fire, and it's because of this fire that they will be made a much stronger team. The foundation is being laid for a dominating championship team. I think that there is a potential for Coach Harbaugh to take this Michigan program further than what Coach Bo Schembechler took his program (yeah I said it).

And what I am encouraged about here is that as badly as this team played yesterday, they still stepped up and won the game when it mattered. I heard one of the announcers state something that I agree with, and that is that Michigan was blowing out their competition during the early portion of the year, but now they are learning how to win the close games. That is important to the development of a championship team. All teams have good and bad games, but the best teams find a way to win when they're having a bad game.

Yes, there is still a lot of things to fix but they're getting there...they're growing up. IMHO!!!