Monday, November 16, 2015

Michigan Monday: A Look Ahead To Penn State and Matt Falcon Looks Elsewhere

Nothing is easy on the road.  Michigan has seen that in pretty much everywhere they have traveled this year.  The Maryland score was a blow out but was close at half time.   I expect the challenge to be just as big as the Wolverines travel to Happy Valley for a 12:00 kick on Saturday. 

Penn State has been a strange team this year.   They opened the season with a loss to Temple and really doesn't have a good win.   They got blown out in Columbus but only gave up 7 points to IU in Happy Valley.  Their also coming off a close loss on the road to Northwestern. 

I watched most of the NW - PSU game and I thought Penn State looked terrible.   They couldn't do anything on offense for most of the game.   They did put a couple of drives together in the 4th to keep it close.   Hackenberg is still considered a top NFL QB prospect and can spin it as they like to say. 

PSU's offense ranks #89 in passing yards with 207 yards a game and #98 in running the ball at 143 yards per.   They do have a solid defense and rank #13th in the county in giving up 17 points per game.

With Michigan's troubles on defense this should be an interesting game. Michigan is a 5 point favorite in the game. 

ESPN Power Rankings has Penn State at #7.   They will look to get their big wins against the Michigan schools in the next two weeks. 

I found it interesting that MSU is a 13 point underdog to Ohio State.  That large line might be a reaction to Cook's injury. 


Michigan RB Matt Falcon has decided to de-commit from U of M on Sunday.  This wasn't a surprise because Jimmy had offered him a medical redshirt at Michigan which means he would never play football for the Wolverines.   Matt has torn his ACL is back to back years.  There is also a rumor about another knee injury earlier in his high school career.  

This is probably the best decision for Matt and Michigan's program.  Matt now will have a chance to play for another school that is willing to take a chance on his knees.   He has a ton of offers but it will be interesting to see how many of those are still on the table after he committed to Michigan and tore his ACL.

Michigan will look at other RB options including the #1 RB in the country Kareem Walker.  Michigan also has a commitment from Alabama RB Kingston Davis.

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Voice of Reason said...

I believe PSU is coming off of a bye week and therefore, has time to prepare more so for this game. That makes any team dangerous. I think whenever possible byes should be planned for those teams that are playing one another.