Monday, November 2, 2015

Michigan Monday: A Look At Rutgers and A Couple of Shane Morris Thoughts

Michigan will host Rutgers on Saturday before they go on a two game road trip to Indiana and Penn State.   Rutgers as you know has been a bit of a train wreck this season as a number of players have been arrested and kicked off the team and the head coach has been suspended for strong arming a professor in giving one of his players a passing grade.    This program is in flux as many don't expect Kyle Flood to be back next year.

Rutgers is 3-5 with their best win over Indiana.  They give up 34 points a game which ranks them 100th in the country.  They lost to Wisconsin last weekend 48-10. 

Michigan is a three touchdown favorite in the game. 

ESPN Big 10 Power Rankings has Rutgers #12.

Rutgers best player WR Leonte Carroo (who has been suspended and re-instated this year as well) missed the Wisconsin game with an ankle injury. 

If Rudock is still beat up and needs a week to heal, this would be a good one to miss.  He will be needed at Indiana who always plays Michigan tough and at Happy Valley. 

  • Is it possible that Tom Brady is the offensive MVP in the NFL and Charles Woodson is the Defensive MVP?  Woodson had another pick yesterday.

  • Michigan received a PWO commitment from PA QB Michael Shuster.  He is a 6'2, 180 pound QB that had offers from a couple of Ivy League schools.   He threw for over 3400 yards has a junior last year.  Sounds like a nice walk-on pick-up. 

Here are my thoughts on Shane Morris.  If you have followed this blog for a few years, you know I have been screaming for a Shane Morris redshirt.   He had mono his senior year of high school and got thrown into a bowl game after Devin Gardner broke his foot.    He has always needed a year to sit back and learn how to be a QB and there is no better QB coach in the country then Jimmy.   So I support this redshirt completely.  

The issue is how hurt is Jake?  The initial report is he was banged up but expected to play next Saturday.  As we know, we only take injury reports with a grain of salt as college programs don't need to be completely true when discussing injuries.   I think were ok if we can run the ball against Rutgers and Wilton can pass for 150 yards or so.  

Regarding Shane there is some thoughts with a few program insiders that this redshirt maybe a way for Shane to transfer to another school.  He would have two years left and a year under Jimmy.  Reports are that O'Korn is the best QB on the team right now and could have the inside track to starting next year.

If Jake is seriously injured then you have to have the discussion on pulling the redshirt off Shane.   Wilton looked good on the last drive, but we know very little about him in real game time experience. 


ScottyDoggs said...

I think Speight earned the rights to at least a half of the game vs Rutgers....Until we find out > the sky is the limit for him. Rudock is adequate but like last years quarter back (reached a low ceiling and will not improve).
You must take into account Speight amongst others... are home grown (unlike Rudock). Telling them they are not good enough is a back-handed slap to the face... let them prove themselves... my own beliefs ( as best arm-chair coach in the world)... is your best chance of success; is to play Wilton in the remaining games, and watch him develop (eclipsing Rudock)... in not so I would commit cellular optosis if it is desired.

Scott K said...

I have to think Jim sees potential in Shane, someone who can compete for the #1 job next year. If not, why wouldn't they have given him the option of transferring out THIS year and having 2 years in another program?

Brent McMordie said...

What about Ty Isaac not being on the depth chart.

Scott K said...

I hadn't thought about letting him graduate... If that's the case, God bless Jim.
What a contrast to urban liar pulling scholarships from a half dozen players medically unable to play.