Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Michigan Tuesday: The Game At Noon and BBall at #25

If you are trying to plan the rest your fall schedule, Michigan has released a couple of start times. 

  • This weeks game against Rutgers is at 3:30 on BTN
  • The Game will be where it should be at Noon. 
Please note your Daily Planners, Trapper Keepers and huge desk sized calendars!:)

Jimmy spoke yesterday:
  • Poggi was sick for the Minnesota game
  • Ty Isaac is being punished for something internal and didn't make a depth chart this week
  • Rudock is sore and on his radio show Jimmy said after Monday's practice that:  "But overall, he was a lot further along than I thought he'd be."

Michigan Basketball opened at #25 in the country.  This team will have plenty of talent, let's see how it all jells together.

  • Freshman OL Grant Newsome burned his redshirt against Minnesota.  I guess the coaches like the way he is playing.


Scott K said...

Nick Bosa suffered a knee injury and will miss the remainder of his HS Senior season. No word on whether he will require surgery or not. For his sake, I hope its not too serious, or he'll be looking for another scholarship opportunity.

ScottyDoggs said...

I thought Rich Rod would be a good fit in Miami... (not going to happen)... Washington killed them 49-3... after firing last coach for embarrassing loss... Miami would look at the Arizona vs. Washington score and would mark Rich Rod off the list ( if he was ever on it).

Scott K said...

Kareem Walker just decommitted from ohio.