Friday, November 27, 2015

Ohio State Preview

Time: Noon
Location: Big House
Weather: H 41
Line: Michigan +1

I've been mad for what seems like a long time.   I was mad that RR wasn't ready for the Michigan job and his teams just don't play defense.  I was mad that Brady Hoke was hired to do a job he wasn't capable of doing.   I have been mad that Michigan just hasn't been Michigan for a very long time.  

Then I look at the Buckeyes, they had a big NCAA scandal that ruined the career of one of their most successful coaches in the history of the program.  I figured, here they go, they would be in need of a similar re-building that happens at schools like Michigan, Texas, ND and even Alabama before Saban got there.  Then Urban Meyer falls into their lap and their rebuilding turns into undefeated Big Ten seasons and last year an un-likely National Championship.   I've been mad their re-building years was one year under an interim head coach. 

It brings me to this year and this years game.   I was mad when I watched the Utah game and Michigan looked like the Michigan of the last few years.   Then I was mad that our punter dropped a punt and we couldn't beat MSU when we clearly had.  

Tale of the Tape
Michigan D-line vs. OSU O-line= Michigan
OSU offense vs. Michigan D = Push
OSU D-line vs. Michigan O-line = OSU
Intangibles = Michigan
Special Teams = ?
Coaching = Michigan

MSU exposed the OSU offense last weekend in bad weather.   Michigan has struggled with mobile QB's that can complete passes this year.  It will be interesting to see which team out coaches the other.

Sing Hail to the Victors if..............
  • Michigan's Defense stops the OSU offense like Sparty did last weekend
  • Rudock plays clean and Michigan's offense can score in the high 20's
  • Michigan doesn't have any more special teams blunders
  • Michigan plays like Jimmy wants them to
Yell, here we go again if...............
  • OSU fixes their problems from last weekend
  • JT is gaining first downs with his feet and arm
  • Elliot has over 100 yards
  • OSU's defense is not giving Michigan any scoring opportunities

This is a pick 'em game.  Vegas had OSU favored then Michigan and now back to OSU.  They have no idea who is going to win this game.   Michigan is playing better - but OSU has more talent - but they are playing in the Big House in Jimmy's first game against the Buckeyes.   Even if you had a crystal ball, this game is hard to predict.  Which leads me to this.....

Michigan is back to where it should be.  It has one of the best coaches in the country and this team really believes they can beat any team any Saturday.   It's amazing how a great coach can turn a program in what seems like a very short time.   This game is coin flip and could be for the chance to play for a Big Ten championship.  Exactly what it should be. 

I'm not mad anymore, I'm finally at peace this program is back on solid ground and that this rivalry means something. 

Michigan 21 OSU 17


Scott K said...

I've been cautiously optimistic all season, unable to freely believe Michigan football is back. Mistakes happen, but the 'melt-down' we have become accustomed to will not.

that other team has more talent, has had several years under their current staff.

We have Jim. If Brady's teams could hang with them and come one play away from winning two seasons ago, with no more talent than we have now.....
1. We won't be out coached.
2. We're at home.
3. We have the best motivator in all of football.

Michigan 27 the other team 24

ScottyDoggs said...

Bob: well said, can't add to it except one game in the late 70's... Bob Ufer referred to a buckeye as a "Useless hairless nut" GO BLUE AND JIMMY TOO1

WolverineFanInOhio said...

Tressel? Meyer? LOL. I'm a Michigan fan living in Columbus, OH so I have to put up with these crazy people. I was ecstatic when Tressel got pushed out but after what Urban Meyer has done? I want Tressel back. LOL. I did enjoy their one bad season under Luke Fickell though.

I think we have 2 things in our favor. First, the Buckeye players think that since it's the same Wolverine players as last year, then nothing's changed. But hey, that's what Maryland thought.

Secondly, I am very impressed with our mental toughness this year. We showed physical improvement in our first 7 games but we've shown our mental toughness in these last few games when adversity reared its ugly head. We haven't shown mental toughness in a long time.

I don't care what the score is. Let's just beat the Buckeyes.

Go Blue!!!

ScottyDoggs said...

If anybody notices... I just checked Iowa's 2015 schedule, and "lordy", what a cake walk", no Michigan State, Michigan or Ohio State... can't see in the future when schedules are made, but Nebraska is down, and Wisconsin also...
Somethings are never going to change.. people like that perfect record even if it means beating my High school "Woodward high", Toledo, Ohio...
Maybe Iowa deserves it , maybe not...but a 7-5 team should play for national title if they played the top 12 teams, but people like "mouths to a flame" are drawn to that undefeated 12- goose egg. Or should I say flies to a dog pile. They will meet they fate (put up or shut up), big ten championship.