Sunday, November 8, 2015

Rutgers Post Game

David Guralnick, Detroit News
Memo to Big Ten:  Your officials are terrible.  Not sure if it's a training issue or an intelligence issue but we haven't seen a good crew in Ann Arbor this year.  Big Ten you are better then this, please find guys that know the rules and aren't so flag happy.   BTW, please see Sparty for other officiating complaints this week.

It's not rudimentary folks! Jake Rudock had his best day as a QB on Saturday afternoon as he now seems very comfortable in Jimmy's system.  He was 18-25 for 337 after his first incompletion looked like a fumble that might change the game.  (Ok, zebra's that was a decent call!)  This has been the Jake Rudock we have been waiting for all year!  A guy that doesn't turn the ball over and can beat you if the opponent loads the box to stop the run.   I also like how he targeted Jake Butt even when he wasn't that open. 

The passing game was great and the running game was less then that.   Michigan continues to try to find a consistent running game with 150 total yards on the ground.   Some of it is the offense line, some of it's the defense stacking the box and some of it's on the RB.  Either way, Michigan needs a bit more from their running game.  Rutgers is not a good defense and I expected 250 yards+ on the ground.

It wasn't a perfect game but one I will take for sure.  Michigan now hits the road for two difficult games before hosting OSU. 

  • Peppers is crazy good (like you didn't know that!)
  • Jake Rudock is the player of the game
  • Wormley was great with 3 sacks
  • Michigan WR's had another good game
  • Jake Butt had over 100 yards receiving
  • Playing calling was really good (this was the strategy I was expecting against MSU)
  • Poor Special Teams, 1 kick off return for a TD, 1 big punt return and a missed field goal.
  • To many penalties on defense
  • Running Game - all aspects
  • LB play has been very suspect the last two games
  • If you remove the sacks Rutgers ran for 164 yards
This was the win Michigan needed to get their mojo back.  Going on the road is never easy and IU and PSU are not great but play well at home.   Michigan will have it's hands full with both, but can beat each teams if they play like the did on Saturday. 


Renegade said...

Carlo Kemp commits to Michigan.

ScottyDoggs said...

Bob as you alluded to: This is crunch time for Harbaugh & Co. Two tough road games and "the game" at home. They can lose all of them, or win all of them, or somewhere in between. This is like the final lap of Indy 500, or the grand finale at a fireworks show. Now I know why Harbaugh kept Rudock in so long... Jim sees storm clouds ahead and wants to be ready as possible for the onslaught. It's going to be 10-2, 9-3, 8-4, or 7-5 if we fail over the next three. The next three weeks will be quite exciting, and all the coaches will have the players nose to the grinders... win the first two > will prepare them well for Ohio State... ( I hate when some folks still call Ohio State- Ohio... there is a Ohio university in Athens, Ohio.