Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Wolverine Wednesday: The Glasgow Effect
This is one walk-on family I would take a commit from even if their son or daughter doesn't even play football.   Michigan has 3 Glasgow's on the roster right now:  Ryan is an injured junior defensive tackle, Graham is a 5th year senior that has started 34 straight games on the offensive line and Jordan is a freshman DB.   All three Glasgow's came to Michigan as Walk-on's.

Some of you might remember when Graham Glasgow was being recruited as a walk-on.   His decision came down to Michigan or Ohio State.  He announced for Ohio State, but showed up on Michigan's roster in the Fall.   I guess he changed his mind and surprised many of us when we saw his name.  Not only was that a good decision, it is one that has helped his brothers come to Michigan as well.  Ryan was just named as one of 10 semifinalists for the 2015 Burlsworth Trophy, that awards the top player that started his career as a walk-on.

Graham will play his last three games on the offensive line as a center starting this weekend.   His brother Ryan is injured with a pectoral issue and is held up in his room playing a ton of Halo (per Graham).    Ryan was very much missed this past Saturday as IU gashed the Wolverines defense for 300 yards on the ground.  The news got worse after the game as Jimmy announced he was out for the year with his injury.   Ryan will get another chance at the Buckeyes, this will be Graham's last dance. 

If I could recommend something to the Burlsworth award committee, it would be that both Graham and Ryan share the award as they both have been good tough football players for The University of Michigan.   They stayed and the next few games will determine if the older brother leaves as a champion. 

Speaking of the defensive line, it's time for Greg Mattison to work some of his magic.   Michigan is now down their two top nose tackles/run stoppers in Bryan Mone, Ryan Glasgow and their starting DE in Mario Ojemudia .   So now what?

We know Strobel and Poggi will be getting more time on the defensive line from their offensive duties.  But who else do we have?  Michigan needs bodies as they like to sub on the defensive line a ton. 

  • Mo Hurst and Willie Henry are starters 
  • Matt Godin played a ton against IU and struggled
  • Brady Pallante got some time against Rutgers but didn't see if he played against IU.
  • Garrett Miller is a walk-on from Adrian
DT seems very thin right now and Michigan may have some flexibility with their Defensive Ends. 
  • Wormley has played inside and might have to go back there.
  • Marshall was making noise in Spring and Fall ball but haven't seem him much this season.  Sounds like he was in Jimmy's dog house for awhile.
  • Taco has been getting time and we need to see more of a pass rush from him.
  • Strobel and Poggi have played more offense then defense this year.
  • Ruben Jones is true freshman - heading for a RS
  • Shelton Johnson is a true freshman - heading for a RS

I have confidence in GMat figuring this out,  I like Wormley moving more inside and giving Marshall a chance on the edge.   Marshall could sub in for Taco.   Penn State and Ohio State will have watched the IU tape a 100 times and will try to run the ball on the Wolverines (which used to be a strength).


Big35Hurt said...

Would be interested to hear people's thoughts on the following:
- Our OLine seems to be taking a step backwards. I would have thought that we would keep improving in this area as the season went on, but our run blocking is getting much worse. Pass pro has been above average I must admit. Thoughts?
- At this point in the season, it was sort of embarrassing to see how Indiana MANHANDLED our DLine last saturday. I know we have 3 injuries up there, but we basically did nothing at all. Wonder why we seem to be regressing in this area too.
- Losing battles in the trenches to teams like Minnesota dn Indiana does NOT look good for us at all when we play Ohio.

Side thoughts:
- Love the development of Chesson/Darboh/Rudock.
Just think how good our QB play will be in coming seasons with the talent we have stockpiled to go along with the coaching. Wow!
- Does anyone know what's up with Ty Isaac? Or is it still "none of our business"?

Renegade said...

So Michigan scheduled the Ohio Bobcats. Funny I didn't see that on the schedule.

Why people who disliked Brady Hoke so much want to continue one of his sayings is strange. It really is a silly reference.

Big35Hurt said...

Well thought out reply. Get a life...

Renegade said...

As I said silly comments from a silly little man.