Wednesday, December 2, 2015

DJ Durkin to Maryland

ESPN and others are reporting that Maryland has tapped Michigan DC DJ Durkin to be their next head coach.   DJ is 37 and this will be his first head coaching job. 

I wouldn't be surprised is Scott Shafer former Syracuse head coach, Michigan DC and Stanford DC replaces DJ at Michigan.  

What do you mean we haven't had good luck with former Syracuse head coaches being Michigan's DC?



Chris Warner said...

That is not a picture of Scott Shafer. I think that may be Robinson.

Voice of Reason said...

One solution for the time being could be to 1) hire William "Bill" Carr as the DL coach and move Greg Mattison to LB and give him the DC position. That keeps some consistency throughout the bowl game and you could sort out the Full time DC/LB position later. IMHO!!!

Scott K said...

Chris, that is Robinson. I think Bob was sarcastically referencing the strange connection to 'Cuse we seem to have, should Scott Shafer be hired.

Not all that dissimilar to the strange WV connection we had. We went .500 with that one, maybe we'll have a similar result. Jim was VERY high on Shafer at Stanford.

steve said...

If Jim likes him. I like him.

Bob said...

Yes, that was my attempt at a joke. Greg Robinson didn't exactly work out. It will be interesting to see where Jim goes, he has candidates on staff and plenty of contacts. DC's are probably blowing up his phone as it was clear how working for Jimmy helped DJ get a HC job.