Friday, December 18, 2015

Michigan Friday: 2016 Recruiting - Finishing The Class

Michigan has 22 recruits verbally committed and one already signed (Ahmir Mitchell).   Michigan has a decent size class enrolling early.   We expect the following guys to enroll in January:

  • Mitchell
  • Walker
  • Bush Jr.
  • Kemp
  • Peters
  • Hawkins
  • McKeon
  • Davis
Michigan might have a couple of de-commits still on the board.  There are thoughts Enis might be looking at other schools and their could be a gray shirt offered.   As it stands, Michigan has 4 spots left in the class.

Who is left and what do you consider the priority?

1. DE Rashan Gary, #1 recruit in the country!
2. CB David Long or LaVert Hill
3. TE Isaac Nauta- Most believe he will stay South - probably Georgia
4. WR Dylan Crawford or Pie Young
5. LB Jon Jones
6. OT Jean Delance or OG Terrance Davis
7. WDE Levi Onwuzirike

The thought at TE is that Nauta probably isn't coming unless he surprises us.   Which would open a spot for tight ends Jacob Mathis or Chase Allen.  Same goes for WR, many believe the coaches have a commitment from Pie Young in the bag if they want it but are holding out for Crawford. 

Long shots that could surprise us include:  Nauta, Jordan Fuller, Donnie Corley, and ILB Dontavious Jackson.

My guess on the final list:
  • Gary
  • Hill
  • Allen
  • Young
  • Davis
Which means one other guy on the commit list is probably going to bail.  I think Michigan would also find a way to get Jon Jones in this class as they need LB's.

Michigan's 2016 class is currently:  #2 on Rivals, #1 on Scouts, #2 in 24/7 and #9 on ESPN.


Scott K said...

Hey Bob,
I'm wondering if there is a list of when these recruits plan to announce. I know some of them are planning to wait until NSD, others will during a prospect game over the holidays, but anyone planning to enroll for spring semester will need to commit soon. Would be kinda cool to have a calendar of expected announcements.

High Sierra Howard said...


Follow Jim Harbaugh's Twitter feed. He publishes a cool announcement when each one signs. Four have signed so far; besides Mitchell, Kingston Davis, Brandon Peters & Kareem Walker have all signed and have been announced.

High Sierra Howard said...


I think you are way to pessimistic on who and how many Harbaugh is going to land. Prepare to be shocked.

Scott K said...

Yeah, I see those Howard. I was referring to the kids who have not yet announced their decision. I'm guessing several will be waiting until signing day in Feb. others will be announcing at the Under Armor All American game, and some probably in between the two. I was wondering if anyone compiled a schedule of when the uncommitted kids expect to make their announcements. Gary, I believe is holding out until NSD, but what about Jones, Jones, Crawford, Davis, Delance, Corley, Hill, Nauta, etc.

Bob said...

Scott a ton are still up in the air. Gary for example might do it a UA game or Signing Day. Hill has set up a bunch of visits. So I think the two main dates for these guys are UA or Army All Star Games or probably close to signing day.