Friday, December 11, 2015

Michigan Friday: Spike Calls It A Day

In some surprising news, Spike has decided to retire from basketball:  "This has been the toughest decision I have ever had to make," said Albrecht. "After taking a hard look at what is best for me, and this team, I will be stepping away from the game that has meant so much to me.

"I am so thankful for what Coach Beilein, the assistants and the medical staff have done for me during my career and in particular over the last year while I was dealing with this injury. I just have a little more to go and I really need to take the proper time to finish my rehab.

"The University of Michigan has provided me and my family so much, I don't really even have the words to express my gratitude. This place is truly special and I hope I was able to leave just a little bit of a mark during my career. I cannot thank Wolverine nation enough for all the love and support they have shown me throughout my four years here. Forever and always -- Go Blue!"

Spike has always been one of my favorite players and my son and I just ran into him at the Atlantis a couple of weeks ago.  He gave us a "Go Blue!".    His presence will be missed on the floor and in the locker room.   I hope he gets healthy and leaves A2 with his degree. 

  • You want some more bad news that is in rumor mode?  There are some rumors floating around that Peppers has some type of hand injury and might be out for the Citrus Bowl.  He was not at the football bust (Michigan said he was studying) and some students have said he has been seen with his hand/arm wrapped.   Just rumors at this point, he tweeted yesterday that people need to worry about themselves.   

  • DC buzz:  It seems that Georgia's DC Pruitt is no longer considering Michigan and will not meet with Jimmy today.  Sounds like a leverage move for more money with Bama?  Reports are now that Lance Anderson has been offered the job and is expected to make a decision this weekend.  My gut decision is he probably doesn't leave Stanford, but he could have a better chance of a head coaching position under Jimmy.  Probably a tough decision for him.

  • We are starting to hear that senior QB's are transferring for their 5th year:  Texas AM's Kyle Allen, Trevor Knight from Oklahoma and Dakota Prukop, Montana State all are looking for new schools. 

  • Brady Hoke has or is interviewing for the East Carolina and Tulane HC jobs.
Recurring Updates:

-Dead Period is from 12/14 - 1/13.   I assume the UA kids could attend the Citrus Bowl.  For those that don't know, the day after the Citrus Bowl is the UA Game at the Citrus Bowl.

-It seems that the loss of Durkin could have caused a few issues in LaVert Hill's recruitment.   His position coaches aren't effected but it seems he was close with DJ.  LaVert will be on campus this weekend for his official. 

-Kareem Walker will announce his decision next Wednesday.  He wants to enroll early, so this announcement date makes a lot of sense.   This has to be a good sign for the Wolverines.

-New offer TN WR Nate Johnson will take an official to A2 this weekend, after the dead period he has officials set up for Miami, Vandy and Northwestern.  He is planning for a signing day decision.  My guess is the Michigan coaches can't wait that long in a class with limited space.    I would imagine we hear soon, if Nate is going to be part of this class or not. 


Scott K said...

what a sock in the gut!!

Best wishes Spike. Thanks for your 100% effort, the great memories and know that you've left your mark.

JCreager said...

Kyle Allen from Texas A&M is a Sophomore, going to be a Junior, not a 5th year transfer

Scott K said...

Brady is interviewing for the HC position with East Carolina and said to be their leading candidate.

Voice of Reason said...

I think ECU or Tulane is just Brady Hoke's speed. I wish him well. I also salute Spike, his career as a player and quite possibly a future coach.

Renegade said...

Nice comment VoR. I agree with your sentiment and wish him the best somewhere. Hoke was not prepared to coach a big time football program. Perhaps a few more years at a mid-level will help. Hope all works out for him.