Monday, December 28, 2015

Michigan Monday: Feeling A Little Green

Michigan is now in Orlando having regular bowl practices as they prepare for the Gators on Friday.    The biggest news out of practice is that former 5 star RB Derrick Green did not make the trip.  The rumor mill is saying that he hasn't been with the team for awhile and didn't even attend the Ohio State game.  The expectation is that Derrick has "one foot out the door" to another program.   Jim did confirm he is still with the team, but didn't travel due to an internal matter.
If DG does decide to leave Michigan, I wish him nothing but the best and wished it would have worked out better for him in A2.  He came to Michigan much heavier then he should have and had a hard time coming back from that.  His poor vision to hit the holes and inability to break tackles is his biggest barrier to playing time.  With the luck of Michigan RB transfers he probably will end up on a NFL roster in a couple of years.  Derrick will be a senior next year and would have to sit out a year if he transfers to another school.  (unless he had enough credits to graduate early from Michigan )

  • Jimmy would not come clean on Peppers status for Friday or if he is practicing. 

  • Jimmy did say he is going to extend Jedd Fisch's contract.  Jedd was on a one year deal. 

  • LB recruit Jon Jones did say he was going to take in practice on Sunday.   The rule is he can watch practice but can't have any face to face contact with the coaches.   The coaches can speak to him on the phone.  There is probably a SNL comedy skit in there somewhere. 

  • Gators starting RT Mason Halter and back-up LB Anthony Harrell are both suspended for the Citrus for academics and  RB Jordan Scarlett was cited for marijuana possession and did not make the trip to Orlando.

Funny Side note:  Michigan last played the Gators in the Citrus Bowl in 2008 when Heisman Trophy winning Tim Tebow was the Gators QB.  This was ironically the last time the Michigan Football team wore Nike uniforms.    Friday will be the last time Michigan wears Adidas uniforms.   It has finally come full circle.  Michigan beat the Gators in 2008 for Lloyd Carr's last game 41-35.  Friday's game might have a few less points!! :)


dude1984 said...

I wouldn't be shocked if Green left. He came in as the savior and is now 3rd or 4th on the depth chart. I wish him the best of luck.

dude1984 said...

Forgot to mention that I am also happy you brought up Carr's last game against Florida in the Citrus Bowl. It was the last game before the mostly dark ages began. Hopefully this is the last game of that period. It would be extremely symbolic.