Monday, December 7, 2015

Michigan Monday On Its Way

I have jury duty this morning, so the regular post is going to be late. Update: I'm bored out of my mind and wishing I brought my PC. Going to try to do this from my phone.

Citrus Bowl: This is a positive matchup for the Wolverines. Michigan's struggling defense vs. Florida's struggling offense. If Rudock plays, I expect Michigan to win a low scoring game. The rumored opponent LSU would have given Michigan a ton of problems in my opinion.

MSU: That was one heck of a game winning drive. Congrats to them on making the playoffs. Also a hat tip goes to the Rose Bowl for picking Iowa over OSU. ND-OSU is a good matchup.

The 2016 class took a surprise hit when QB/LB Victor Viramontes de-commited last night. The reasons could be he prefers to play QB in college or distance from home could be an issue. He visited for OSU and the Michigan coaches were in home with him last week. CAL offered him yesterday as well. If you didn't know, Michigan recruited him as an athlete, probably on defense.

As expected, Greg Mattison was named DC for the bowl game. It seems Jimmy will figure out his staff after the Citrus.

Michigan also secured another 2017 commit this weekend in Ja'Raymond Hall from Oak Park. He is a local offensive lineman and a consensus 4 star prospect to all the services (minus Rivals who has him rated as a 3 star). He currently is 6'5 and in the 270 pounds range. This is a solid early local pickup!

The loss of VV in the 2016 class should give the coaches another spot in a class expected to be in the 27 range. Hopefully, room for another playmaking linebacker!


ScottyDoggs said...

If your on the trial of Tebow being the "Worlds biggest (greatest) idiot), for dating one of the most beautiful women in the world, and wanting to be strictly platonic... (because of some ancient writings by some bronze age folks)... Just about all of us get only as close to such a beautiful lady as a magazine cover... Find Tebow guilty (except he will be found not guilty by reason of insanity).
I am sick and tired of Tebow and his religion (and hearing about it)... I believe in a most unknown African religion, that ant du-du made the world... but if my religion told me to stay away from a Miss Universe I would drop kick it on 3rd down in a hurry.

Scott K said...

Damn.... Funchess catches a NFL TD yesterday, now Jake Butt is 50/50 on leaving for the NFL.
That's a huge offensive weapon to lose.

Stick around for another year Jake...