Friday, December 4, 2015

Michigan Friday: Everybody Loves Chris

When Jimmy got to Michigan he put together one great staff, whether you are an on the field coach or a staff member.  One of those hires was Rashan Gary's head coach at Paramus Catholic, Chris Partridge.   Chris was hired as Director of Player Personnel and has done a great job of recruiting this year. 

As soon as DJ Durkin got hired at Maryland, one of his first calls was to Chris to offer him an on the field coaching role.   Jimmy quickly got involved and offered Chris a promotion to the LB coach for the bowl game.   I also expect he will be in similar role next season.   TomVH of ESPN reports that Chris coached the defensive line at The Citadel and defensive backs at Lafayette.

Since Chris is now an "on the field" coach, he can leave campus and visit recruits.   We are hearing he was in Orlando to visit LB Jonathan Jones on Thursday and is expected to give Devin Bush Jr. a visit in South Florida today.  Chris we need LB's please bring in a bunch of guys!!

This was a great save by Jimmy and should help lessen the recruiting impact of losing DJ.

  • Brandon Peters won the Gatorade Player of the Year for Indiana and Ben Bredeson took home the same award for Wisconsin.

This weekend will have another Big Ten Championship game without the Wolverines.   MSU will take on Iowa.  I was really hoping for  The Rudock Bowl, but we know Michigan had a few hiccups on the way to that goal.   I'm not 100% sold on Iowa, as I think they are a decent team but not a top 5 team.  I think State wins a tough game and pulls away at the end. 

MSU 28 Iowa 13

  • One Michigan DC candidate is off the board as Barry Odom, Missouri's DC was promoted as their head coach last night.

  • Rich Rod is being interviewed by South Carolina for their opening.  RR's defenses might be an issue in the SEC. 


Scott K said...

Wasn't the reason he was hired to a 'non-coaching' position because we had the max number allowed? If so, have we lost someone other than Durkin, or does this indicate someone from the current staff is likely to be made DC and no other assistants hired?

I realize a new DC won't likely be hired before the bowl game, but if Chris is going to have an on field coaching position next season.....

Or am I missing something?

ScottyDoggs said...

agree on your Michigan state/Iowa score for the most part, but I am expecting (or predicting) a much more of a blowout Michigan State 40-14 Iowa... took me about 2 minutes to figure this out... maybe they better play the game to see who wins.

Bob said...

Your right about the staff position. There is a rule you can bring Staffers on the Coaching staff temporarily when there is an open spot. So this could be a temporary thing for the bowl game or it could be a clear indication that Jimmy is going to hire someone internally for the DC role. There also could be more staff leaving? I expect the LB role might just be for the Bowl game but expect to see Chris in some type of "coaching role" next season.

JCreager said...

I think Harbaugh KNEW Durkin would be leaving shortly. Had a sit down meeting with Mattison and said, "Look, in one year, two tops, you will be back at DC when Durkin gets his HC job." Why else would Mattison stay after basically being demoted when he could've probably gone somewhere else? He knew he was about to be DC again, so he stuck around.
I don't like the idea of Chris having a chance to move up the chain and being held back by Harbaugh if he's not going to give him an "on-field" coaching position. I like to think Harbaugh is a better person than that, unless Chris prefers to stay at Michigan and not move up yet. If Harbaugh promised him an "on-field" position, pretty sure it will be more than just the bowl game

ScottyDoggs said...

I always go back and reread everything, and it's interesting about Rich Rod, hope he gets it, and makes good pay... for all the Rich Rod Haters ATLEAST RICH WON THE PAC 10 (OR 12) CHAMPIONSHIP LAST YEAR. at the same time we were sucking (hind boobie)at 5-7 with Hoke (do not say Joke).
I remember when Rich Rod was canned, a lot of blogs denounced the spread and demanded we go back to man-ball pro-style... well Ohio State came into town and beat us ugly with the spread > Kinda ironic ... don't you think? (like that song from the 90's)

Voice of Reason said...

Without knowing the details we can only speculate, however, if he is "really" involved as an on the field coach it would likely be as a "look-see" to evaluate what he can do, particularly during practice because there is no known LB coaching experience with Chris Partridge. This move if temporary may not be saying much because these kids have already been coached up for the year by Durkin so they are who they are, and whoever is the DC will determine how they execute schemes during the game. I'm thinking there is more to this story than we're being told today and Harbaugh isn't done yet.

With Mattison and Jackson in hand as possible DC candidates, what we know is that the staff needs a LB coach, so however this thing is configured someone has got to be hired or moved into the LB coaching position. It is possible that Coach Harbaugh has an inkling that he may lose another member of his staff after the bowl game to a promotion somewhere and that has to be factored in. We will see. IMHO!!!