Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Michigan Tuesday: A Couple of Recruiting Tidbits

With the UA game right around the corner there is a ton of talk about who the Michigan commits will be recruiting at the game and who might commit.  

  • Terrance Davis has had Michigan his leader for nearly a year, but now the Wolverines might be slipping in his recruitment.  He is planning to announce on Saturday during the UA game and it now sounds like he is going to stay home and play for DJ Durkin at Maryland.   The Michigan insiders are saying that Jimmy and staff have backed off a bit on TD because they need a Tackle more then they need a guard.   TD is down to Michigan, Maryland and Florida.

  • Michigan insiders also feel pretty good about the recruitment of Texas OT Jean Delance.  He is also expected to make an announcement during the game on Saturday.   His top 3 are Michigan, LSU and Texas.  The mill is saying that mom wants him close to home and hopes he picks UT.  Many believe Jean prefers the Wolverines.

  • Rashan Gary told ESPN he has a list with  9 schools on it with no leader.   He will make his announcement on signing day. 

  • Devin Bush Jr. is going to be recruiting Gary this week in Orlando.

  • Kareem Walker also said he was going to be in Gary's ear and took some photo's with the #1 rated RB and  #1 player.

  • There also seems to be some positive movement in CA WR Dylan Crawford's recruitment to Michigan.  
Michigan Commits at the UA game include:

- Ben Bredeson
- Devin Bush
- Kareem Walker

Michigan Targets include:

- Rashan Gary
- Terrance Davis
- Jean Delance
- Dontavious Jackson

Jimmy seems to like to mix it up a bit in bowl practice and has made a few position switches to see if they will stick.  The changes we have heard include:

  • Zach Gentry to TE
  • Ruben Jones to LB
  • Brian Cole to S*
It doesn't mean these guys will play on Friday and burn a redshirt, what it means is they are testing the waters to see if this might be a good move for Spring and/or Fall camp. 

*Cole hasn't played since the Oregon State game due to injury and would qualify for a medical redshirt this year.

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