Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Michigan Tuesday: Informative Bullet Points

  • Jake Butt is 50/50 on leaving Michigan early for the NFL.  He wants to sit down with Jimmy to discuss.   This makes sense to me, there are benefits for him in staying and going to the NFL.

  • Instate recruits Corley (WR)  and Hill (CB) will announce on the same day.  Were not sure of the day.  Hill seems to be heading to Michigan, most believe Corley will end up at MSU.  Which should make for some fun future matchups.

  • Jake Rudock hasn't thrown yet but Jimmy expects him to play on 1/1.

  • Jimmy has watched half of Florida's games already.  Man doesn't sleep.

  • Jimmy wants Jim Hackett to stay on as AD -  I think we all agree that would be a great thing!

  • Jehu was named team MVP.  Congratulations to him!

  • Jimmy confirmed he is focused on winning the Citrus Bowl and not hiring the next DC.  With that said, some names have been floating around from the likes of former coaches that coached in Florida including Butch Davis, Randy Shannon and Jim Leavitt.  Each of these guys are good coaches but come with some "baggage".   Butch's issues with the NCAA and Jim's player abuse probably don't make them great candidates in Ann Arbor.   Other names include Dean Pees DC of the Ravens and Stanford's DC Lance Anderson.   I liked DJ was a younger DC and could relate to the players.  


Tim said...

Thanks for your continued updates. I hope Butt and co. stays, but we'll see.

I appreciate thoughts on prospective DC. Got me thinking, why hasn't Dantonio's name came up with new jobs? Maybe it has and I have missed it.

As much as I don't like the guy, he can coach and has been successful. Why don't bigger programs chase him? Do they view him as too old? Do they not take him seriously and feel his success is due to a down B10? Maybe they want a coach that smiles??

Just odd to me that a successful coach in a middle tier program is not chased by bigger schools with bigger dollars.

Renegade said...

Middle tier program? Wow! I guess that makes Michigan, at best, an also ran. Perhaps those "bigger programs" have approached him and he said no thanks, seem to being doing just fine here.

ScottyDoggs said...

Renegade: Have to agree with you... Little brother had a growth spurt and now has to look down to talk to us... (but Jimmy will change that . almost did)... Michigan State has regained status of an upper tier program... not so much as Alabama, or USC... but a top 15 program... it's Jimmy job to deflate their new found status... and he will over time... unless it's going to be a three way battle... OSU,MSU, and U of M from now on.

Tim said...

Good thoughts and I agree, it is Jimmy's job to change the current status.

When I said middle tier I meant MSU in general. Meaning they don't have the cash to pay coaches top dollar and splurge on assistants like other schools. Dantonio isn't in top 20 of highest paid coaches even though his last 4 years at State have been amazing.

I agree that currently we look up to them, but this is an anomaly. Do you think that if/when Dantonio leaves MSU will keep this footing? No way. They, typically, cannot hire and retain top coaches. MSU, unlike Michigan and Ohio State, is typically a stepping stone not an end of career school.

As it typically is a stepping stone I am a bit surprised Dantonio hasn't left. Look at some of the coaches that make more than him, Brett Bielema and Gary Pinkel..really?!?!?!

I understand there is more to life than money, but with the cash comes better facilities and ability to retain better assistant coaches.

I am first to admit Danonio has done an amazing job, just seems like if he did this well at MSU he could kill it at a Texas or USC. Just thinking out loud.

Big35Hurt said...

Screw D'Antonio and his group of little sisters. His days of running with the Big Dawgs in the B10 are DONE. He has 1 (hopefully 2) more games and then it's back to being an afterthought. This is GUARANTEED.

Scott K said...

Rumor has it Jake Butt tweeted that he would be back.... That's the best news of the day!

dude1984 said...

Yeah I don't think Dantonio would do well at USC or Texas. MSU has a lot lower expectations and you can't play the underdog/world against us card at those schools. Dantonio's success correlates with Michigan and Penn State being down.

Randy Shannon for DC. He knows his stuff and has strong roots in Miami and the rest of south Florida.

Scott K said...

Scott Shafer is being hired by Durkin in MD. I was expecting Jim to grab him.

Bob said...

I think his name has come up a couple of times, I'm surprised South Carolina didn't take a stronger run at him. South Carolina really settled IMO. I can see why he didn't take a job this year with MSU in the playoffs, but also a little surprised he hasn't looked for a bigger paycheck other times. Maybe he wants to coach OSU when Urban Meyer goes to the Browns for $10M a year. :-)

Scott K said...

urban would struggle at cleveland, he hasn't coached a team with a payroll that small since his days in Utah.