Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Michigan Tuesday: Postive Feedback on Brown Hire and Chuck Calls It a Day

BC Interruption

Everybody seems to love the hire of Don Brown.   I also like this line from Michigan's official announcement:  "We are very pleased and happy to announce that our top candidate and number one choice, Don Brown has accepted our offer to become defensive coordinator," said Harbaugh.  Many had thought that Stanford's Lance Anderson was the #1 choice.   Lance ended up not getting the BYU head coaching job and will continue to be Stanford's DC.

On a side note, Michigan might also look to BC for their next AD in Brad Bates.    Since we are in a dead period, I expect Coach Brown will start doing recruiting trips in mid-January.

  • Charles Woodson is calling it a career after 18 seasons in the NFL.  He is a lock for the hall of fame and is still playing at a high level.   Congratulations to a great player!

  • Reports are Mario Ojemudia lost his appeal and is now done as a Michigan Football Player.  Good luck Mario!

Here are the best guesses on announcement dates:

-Nauta at the Army All American Game 1/9
-Hill and Corley NSD
-Gary NSD
-Dylan Crawford AA Game 1/9
-Jean Delance UA Game 1/2 (top 3 Michigan, LSU and Texas)
- David Long after 1/15 which is a visit to UW
-Quinn Nordin late January or NSD

Gary could go with an announcement at the UA game on 1/2 but many believe he will take January to make a decision.


Scott K said...

Thanks Bob!

ScottyDoggs said...

Charles Woodson going out, while still tops!... Harbaugh's hire for DC is brilliant move... all that's missing is a signature win... maybe New Years Day! I got to believe in East Lansing the sales of Male "depends" has gone up exponentially, since news of Harbaugh's recruiting class and now this great hire!

Tim said...

As always...thanks Bob.

With Brown on board any guesses which coach in bowl game will not be a coach next year? Will Partidge go back to recruiting coordinator or do you anticipate more coach attrition?

Scott K said...

Realistically.... Jay could end up in an administrative role. I think if you look at all those in coaching positions, he probably has the least to bring to the table.

Big35Hurt said...

Bob.....what's your prediction for who we will sign to round out this class?

Bob said...

I like our chances with:

-Delance (who is rumored to be a silent)
- Hill
- Allen

I think Jimmy would like one more WR = Crawford and LB = Jon Jones as well

Scott K said...

Something seems curious with Hill and Corley. The decision to announce on the same day, hints of a package deal... I think if we lose a battle its hill going with corley to east lansing.

Terrance Davis and Jones I believe will be Blue, as well Bob.