Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Dream Continues: Kareem is Blue

Kareem Walker is going to be a Wolverine.   He is ranked as a 5 star RB by Scouts and 4 star by Rivals and the #1 RB overall.   He comes in a 6'0 and 210 pounds.   He is Michigan's 4th recruit from New Jersey and hopefully there will be at least one more (Mr. Gary).  

Walker is known as a in between tackle runner with some explosion in the hole.  He has good balance and power but doesn't really have break away speed.  His offers included the likes of OSU, Bama, Arizona, Florida, FSU, Miami, ND, Oregon, USC and many more.  

He will enroll in January and will be able to get all the Spring Practices under his belt.  Can he crack the lineup next year?  He could if he is that good.   He has a great bond with Coach Wheat and a very tight relationship with Peppers. 

This is the second huge commit in two days.  Michigan Football is having a great recruiting week!  Only 4 spots left in this class, as this is the 23rd commit for the 2016 class.


Big35Hurt said...

And the NEW number one 2016 recruiting class on is......................GO BLUE!!!!!!

Renegade said...

Harbaugh has done an excellent job of recruiting for this class. Having said that Michigan's top recruiting rating is mostly due to both the quality and number of recruits. If you sort by AVG, which I believe is a better rating method, they fall to 14th (3.50) behind six SEC teams and three Big 10 teams. At number one would be Ohio State.

Scott K said...

Ahmir Mitchell tweeted that there were going to be three commits this week, anyone have an idea who he was referring to as #3?

What a great haul.... If we can close the deal on Gary that's epic

Jeff McKeever said...

Keyshawn "Pie" Young. WR 5'11" 161 lbs. Miami High