Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Breaking News: It's Starting - Player Transfers

Ok, this clearly now needs it's own post as everybody seems to be leaking they are leaving the program today. 

1st announcement: 
Ross Taylor-Douglas will leave the Michigan program as a graduate transfer and will have two years of eligibility left.   Ross was a man without a position as he jumped from CB to RB and never broke the lineup at either position.   I wish him well at his next stop.   BTW:  Get used to these updates as we will probably see at least 10 more. 

2nd announcement:
It seems Dennis Norfleet has re-enrolled at Michigan and will graduate this spring.   That is great news for him!  For those that are wondering, he is out of eligibility and will take a shot at the NFL.

3rd announcement today:
As expected CB Terry Richardson will be looking for a graduate transfer opportunity.   Even though he was a Cass Tech highly rated corner, he never really saw any playing time at Michigan.  Good Luck to him!


Mike T said...

Good stuff.... Let the attrition begin

ScottyDoggs said...

Just a random off-subject comment... Is it not "poetic justice" that Lane kiffin was left behind by Alabama's team buses? Yuck!... Yuck! Chortle!

Scott K said...

this is beautiful..... do you think getting the nations best kicker to commit is a priority?