Friday, January 15, 2016

Derrick Green Is Out

Bleacher Report
We all knew this was coming.   The rumor was he wasn't on the sideline for the OSU game and he for sure didn't make the bowl trip.     So today's announcement that he was transferring was not a surprise.   Derrick came to Michigan a little heavy and had trouble running the ball his first year.   He got injured and when Jimmy and staff came in he was way down on the depth chart and even behind a full back.  

He is graduating in 3 1/2 years and will be able to play right away next year.    So hopefully he finds a spot that can use him as a starter.   Good Luck Derrick and hopefully you will have the luck the other Michigan RB transfers have had!


Mike T said...

I think Ty Isaac is next

Scott K said...

after transferring once, playing two seasons.... I don't think he can transfer and still play, unless he goes do Div II. I could be wrong.