Friday, January 22, 2016

Michigan Friday: The Long Day Pays Off and A Couple of Surprises

First things first:

David Long who has been a silent commit to the Wolverines made it official last night in picking Michigan on ESPNU.  

David is an Army All American and one of the best CB's in the country.  He is a consensus 4 star to all the services and had offers from the likes of USC, Stanford, Oregon, ND, Arizona, UCLA and many more.   He was once committed to Stanford. 

David is 5'10 and 176 pounds and is considered an elite cover corner.  If you watched the AAA game his size didn't seem to matter has he had a pick in the corner of the end zone.   If you can't tell, I really like this kid and think he is very athletic.   Here is a link to his senior highlights and his AAA game pick.

With more news, I will mention later.  Michigan still has space left for another corner in this class and all recruiting efforts now will focus on LaVert Hill and Jordan Fuller.   ATH Khaleke Hudson is also a top priority but he is being recruited as a Safety on defense.

Surprise #1:  6-6, 290-pound OT Stephen Spanellis tweeted out he was de-committing from Virginia and will commit to the Wolverines.   Stephen visited last weekend and seemed to love the Wolverines.   From my understanding, the Michigan coaches had hoped he would commit but was not expecting such a quick decision.   Steve is a 3 star prospect with offers from the likes of MSU, Arkansas, Miami, South Carolina, VA Tech, GA Tech, Maryland, Illinois and others. 

Steve has ties to the Michigan program as Henry Poggi's dad is his HS coach and he is also a teammate of Michigan commit Devery Hamilton.

Surprise #2:  CB Antwaine Richardson de-commits from Michigan.   He is a guy that committed last summer and we really haven't heard much from him as he blew out his ACL in August last year.   If your wondering, the buzz is Michigan was not expecting this de-commitment and it fully came from Antwaine.    He has offers from other big schools like Miami, Syracuse, Wisconsin, West Virginia and Wake Forest.

Big Visitor Recruiting Weekend. 

  • Gary is in A2 on an unofficial as was spotted at Pizza House last night!
  • Donald Stewart NJ WR who visited Stanford last weekend
  • Jordan Fuller, CB from NJ - doesn't talk recruiting much, might be leaning towards OSU
  • AZ DE Connor Murphy - sleepover buddy
  • De La Salle teammates TE Devin Asiasi and DT Boss Tagaloa
  • FL WR Eddie McDoom
  • GA LB Elysee Mbem-Bosse will be a high priority this weekend
  • FL LB Josh Uche a Don Brown recruit

Where do we sit today on numbers?

Michigan has 22 commits but a few guys seem very tentative at the moment.  Those guys are Rashad Weaver, Jordan Elliott - visiting Texas and WR Nate Johnson who really shouldn't be considered a commit with a NSD decision coming. 

If the accurate number is really 20 commits then Michigan has unbelievably 8-10 spots left. 

Guys I like in this class that are un-committed:

1. Gary
2. Chase Allen
3. McDoom
4. Khaleke Hudson
5. Michael Dwumfour - might not be fully qualified yet
6. Elysee Mbem-Bosse
7. Pie Young
8. Quinn Nordin

I have no idea where LaVert Hill's head is at right now, many say Michigan leads but I could see him going to MSU.   Fuller would be a huge get, he won the Gatorade NJ Player of the Year over Gary.  

This class continues to be very fluid.   It is going to be a fun ride to NSD. 


Scott K said...

I believe Jim's tweet this morning is probably all that will be said, or alluded to, regarding Swenson.
Its kinda comical how some of the media is spinning that situation like a top. Last year 6 underclassmen were taken off scholarship at osu, and subsequently had to leave school as they couldn't afford tuition.... it wasn't as big a media story. I wish I could find that article again. Two of them had injuries, the other four were told 'they didn't fit the program' or some similar bullshit.

Mike T said...

If we take McDoom and Young there is no way Nate sticks.... Another WR is out there Stewart...

Need another quality CB - Either Lavert or Fuller.. Fuller would be the better options IMO but I think he goes OSU...

Scott K said...

Gant is graduating and transferring to finish his football career elsewhere.

Mike T said...

We have 22 commits.. With Gant leaving we have 21 open ships... Every additional added commit someone currently committed or a current team member needs to leave.... Still 1 over as is...

12 more days of this shit :)

ScottyDoggs said...

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Renegade said...


You need to rethink what type of comments you allow to be posted to your website. To suggest that someone with a Jewish surname should be the first volunteer to test the cremation ovens at a holocaust site is beyond inappropriate. Its disgusting.

ScottyDoggs said...

Renegade ... yes it's a little over the top...but Teddy Bear resorted to over the top sensationalism and left out vital facts ( like Scott K. brought up about OSU) and seemed like he had an agenda... I wish there was more I could do about the situation, but can not... my record in street battles and legal battles are equivalent to Mayweather's record. I find it disgusting, when people sit back and let children get raped, or do not help a women getting beat I have already jumped in the middle of things and taken care of business... I like Jim Harbaugh, and took offence what this writer said... yes, I'm over the top but I fight to win... believe you me in this world there is no such thing as a fair fight... you have to fight to win and the loser is the one that fight's fair. Bob... if you feel you must delete my comment, it will not hurt my feelings a bit... if you want me to discontinue posting on your site I will.
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Renegade said...

I was going to say it's just football, but obviously this has nothing to do with football for you.

A racist ("band of jews", "this Holocaust deal") braggart ("my record in street battles and legal battles are equivalent to Mayweather's record").

Any comment Bob?

ScottyDoggs said...

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Renegade said...

A life so full of hate and anger. A pity.

Scott K said...

Well then.....any updates or news coming out of this weekend's visits?

Goose said...

well... This got kinda awkward.
How about that east west shrine game, what a doozy!

M go Clean said...

I love this blog and would be glad to help write / enforce a set of "blogging rules" the maintain the high values of the content of blogs. I sure don't what this site to become like others that I don't go to any more due to content issues. I'm sure that Bob doesn't have the bandwidth to devote 24x7 to monitoring and certainly hope that individuals continue to "self regulate and only post blogs with high ethics and value, as has been the norm here.

M go Clean said...

PS; Dylan Crawford isn't on the commit list yet

Mike T said...

2 commits tonight LB Mbem-Bosse & DE Uche

Mike T said...

Dwumfour officially decommited from PSU.. expect him to commit very soon.

Looks like Weaver, Nate Johnson and D. Johnson are going to be signing elsewhere.

Scott K said...

Its interesting that more than one writer has Fuller committing to Michigan. That would be awesome, pulling Kareem Walker away from osu and then nabbing Fuller who was considered nearly a lock to end up down there.

Its also nice to see a few articles about the swenson situation that seem to be written based on information rather than agenda.

Its going to be and exciting 10 days, buckle up!


Bob said...

Guys, I love the passion but lets keep the comments to football related information please. We only have a little over a week until NSD and it looks like there will be plenty of fireworks!

Big35Hurt said...