Monday, January 11, 2016

Michigan Monday: Welcomes Crawford and Other AA Thoughts

Michigan as expected picked up a talented 4 star WR at the AA game in Dylan Crawford.   Dylan was rated 4 stars to all the services and comes in at 6'1 and 175 pounds.   He had a ton of offers from the likes of ND, USC, Oregon, UCLA, Oklahoma, Arizona and many more.  

The strange thing is, Dylan mentions he would still like to take his official visits to Georgia, Miami, UCLA, and Washington.  There are only 3 more weekends before signing day, so we will see if he still takes visits now he is committed to the Wolverines.  

I like this pick up and could see him getting on the field as a true freshman.   I really like his hands, speed and route running.  He will to add weight and get stronger with the S&C program in Ann Arbor.  This is a very good pick-up and leaves only a few more spots in this class.  

Top priorities:

  1. Gary - Of course
  2. David Long - could be a silent, still has a UW visit to go on.
  3. LaVert Hill - Good friend Corley is going to MSU, brother on Michigan
  4. Jon Jones - Coach Brown to visit
  5. TE, OL, DT, DE, WR, Kicker?  
Still lots of names on the board including the likes of Chase Allen, Pie Young, Don Stewert, Jordan Fuller, Levi Onwuzurike, Connor Murphy, Devin Asiasi, Boss Tagaloa, Dontavoius Jackson and Jacob Mathis.

As you also know by now, Isaac Nauta stayed home and picked Georgia.  He said he missed being at home by attending IMG.  Good luck to him. 

  • AA four-star TE Devin Asiasi will visit Ann Arbor in January.

Other AA thoughts:
  • Peters is raw and will 100% redshirt next year.  I see the potential but he will need a couple of years at Jimmy's QB Camp before he is ready to play. 
  • David Long had a nice pick and you can tell he is an athlete playing corner.  Yes, please!
  • Mike Onwenu is huge and if he can keep that weight and still be quick, he will be a nice offensive lineman at Michigan.  Can't wait to see what good coaching and the S&C program does for him.

Tonight ends the college football season.  This year was finally as success for the Wolverines.   Tonight the SEC Champ Alabama vs. The ACC Champ Clemson in the National Championship game.    History says if your going to beat a Saban coached team, you must spread them out with a talented QB.   I think if Clemson has a shot tonight they will have to throw the ball and maybe get lucky in special teams or a pick 6.    Alabama's front 7 is just too good for Clemson to run the ball.  Let's see if Dabo has a much better game plan then Mark Dantonio  (which was no game plan at all) did. 

Alabama 28 Clemson 14


Big35Hurt said...

Mike Onwenu was VERY impressive in both run and pass blocking. He even pulled on a few run plays and was pretty athletic in getting the blocks. Once he got his hands on someone they were absolutely DONE. His future is VERY bright.

Elliott was also pretty impressive getting into the offenses backfield.

Crawford looks much better than Corley. I think this was more of a Michigan chose Crawford over Corley scenario than vice versa. We likely didn't want BOTH WR's since we have 4 now in this class. I could see him fighting for playing time this year.

Long and Hill both looked good in coverage and both have good ball skills. I hope we land both of them and I think we will.

Nauta....oh big deal. Hardman, we likely won't get him, and if we don't, that's no big deal either. He has a very small build.

I agree, Peters will need some "seasoning". The potential is definitely there. Great touch on that pass down the seam to Corley. It's going to be an O'Korn vs Morris battle the next 2 years.

That McCall kid that's going to Ohio State is a little small, but he has GREAT ability to make people miss. He looked much better than Walker did the previous weekend. :o(

I'm pretty sure that we will sign another LB in this class whether it's Jon Jones or someone else.

All in all...I really don't care at all that we missed out on Corley or Nauta. Getting the 2 OLinemen last weekend would have been nice, but it's not like we don't have a loaded OLine class already.

It's looking really good in AA. GO BLUE!

Big35Hurt said...

By the way.....

Clemson 27
Bama 24

Watson is the X Factor.

Tim said...

Nice rundown. Thanks.
As a rule of thumb I'd take a 4 star out of CA vs a 4 star out of MI.

Stinks to miss on Nauta, but you cannot get everyone. Personally, I believe he will regret that decision later in life, but who knows. Wish him the best.

Bama 27
Clemson 9

Renegade said...

"Nauta....oh big deal."

Couldn't disagree more. Although his decision to attend UGA should comes as no shock to anyone, he is exactly the type of player Harbaugh covets: big, strong, fast, likes to dish it out. Hopefully her can pick up Asiasi (TE - DE) or someone similar. Tight ends are a big deal in this offense.

Scott K said...

You have to wonder if Baxter wasn't just as much looking for a way out of USC while Sark was there in a drunken stupor.... It was probably an arrangement of convenience for U of M as much as it was for coach Bax.
just a thought.

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