Thursday, January 21, 2016

Michigan Thursday: Let's Hope It's A LONG Day

Michigan hopefully is set up to have really good news when 4 star California CB David Long announces his college decision on ESPNU sometime after 6:00 today.   His final two schools are Michigan and Washington. 

In other Michigan recruiting news:

  • The Freep is reporting that Michigan did pull Swenson's scholarship and offered him a preferred walk-on spot.   Not a big fan of this strategy of a guy that has been committed for two years.   I fully understand that commitments work both ways, but if this is accurate the Michigan coaches should have let him know much earlier.  Update: Some insiders have said that the Michigan coaches had been telling Erik for awhile (during the season) that he should be looking at other options.   So this happening all in the last couple of weeks, just seems to be one side of the story.

  • In what was expected and more Michigan cooling on another prospect then vice versa -  Kiante Enis de-committed from Michigan last night.   This one has been in the works for months.  He is expected to end up at IU.

  • Another reminder that recruiting works both ways:  Jordan Elliot who has been very public he is done with recruiting and sticking with Michigan will now visit Texas this weekend.  Jimmy was expected in home last night and in school with GMat today.  This one seems very fluid.

  • Also Michigan commit TN WR Nate Johnson will now make his decision on NSD between Michigan, ND, and Miami.   I  expect he will probably flip to ND.   My guess is Michigan will not be waiting by the phone for this recruitment and will look to fill it with guys like Pie Young and McDoom. 

  • Chris Daniels a former Michigan recruit who committed to Oklahoma de-committed as well last night but is probably headed to Texas.

  • Hackett is working on a long term contract for Jimmy.  Yes, please!

  • A hot name to watch is GA LB Elysee Mbem-Bosse, he is expected to visit this weekend.


Harbaugh NationA2 said...


Mike T said...

Enis was expected... I'm guessing Weaver is next
Would hate to loose Elliot...
Want him, Dwumfour & Gary
Want Long and Hill

Josh Arnkoff said...

The insiders were also saying that not only did the staff tell Erik to look around in the fall, but he refused to participate in a camp so this staff could evaluate him. As we know, he was a Hoke recruit, so Harbaugh's staff never had the opportunity to see him at a camp. Swensen saying "no" to that sets a bad tone, and certainly a tone that would rub someone like Harbaugh the wrong way.

Scott K said...

Antwaine Richardson just announced he is no longer committed to Michigan

Mike T said...

Trade in and trade up....

Voice of Reason said...

There is a thing or two that we must keep in mind and that is 1) Recruits can say whatever they want and for the most part have more freedom to get their side out to the media with no consequences from the NCAA, and 2) Schools and coaches can't respond to a recruits allegations or say anything about a recruit that they haven't signed. That's not fair but that is how it works. The media takes whatever they want to take and run with it but the schools can't defend themselves.

We know that there are two sides and that the school has a reason for doing what they do but they're muzzled. If a recruit had been told for example, to make sure you're eligible for Official Visits, make sure we see your Junior and Senior films, come to camp for evaluation or anything but the recruit refuses to do it then just like the kid can change his mind the coaches can change their minds. We don't know what's going on with any of the recruits, if they got in trouble what is the coaches going to say, "we've changed our minds because he got in trouble with the law, was suspended, is failing in school?" No, the coaches take the high road and take the media hit for pulling a scholarship because they're acting on inside knowledge that the public doesn't know.

3) Big time programs like Alabama, OSU and so on over recruit and we know that Saban, Miles and others have been known for pulling a scholarship from players who aren't performing; they've pulled scholarships from recruits who've made it to their campus in the fall then were told "sorry kid, we don't have a place for you." No one says anything about that because their coaches are parading around with championship trophies. The media turns a blind eye to them and recruits still go there.

My point being, that we don't know the entire story and we may never know, but my support is still with Coach Harbaugh. Keep in mind that just over a year ago, Wolverine Nationals were crying because we were suffering and we looked to Harbaugh to fix it and to bring us back to our former glory days. He is doing that as we speak. Let's let him do his job and support him. IMHO!!!

Mike T said...

David Long just committed to MICHIGAN !!!

Scott K said...