Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Michigan Tuesday: Recruiting Rumors Are Flying

This is the time of year where you can't believe everything you hear or read.   Kids change their minds as quickly as a new Instagram post.   One of things we try to do this time of year is predict who is and isn't in the class.   This year it's pretty close to impossible as updates seem to change by the hour.

  • Rumor alert: 4 Star OT Erik Swenson who has been committed to Michigan since 2013 might not end up in the class.  He was a Hoke recruit and we're not sure how Jimmy's staff ranks him on their board.   With only two official weekends left before signing day, I believe these 3 commits have not taken an official visit to A2 which is a clear sign:  Swenson, Enis and Weaver. 

  • Michael Onwenu finally got offered by MSU and will take a visit.  He said he is just enjoying the recruiting process.  I don't expect him to flip.  

  • FL WR Eddie McDoom will visit this weekend and now considers Michigan his leader.   I hope it's warm in A2 this weekend!  Oregon is expected to use his scholarship on defense, so it seems Crawford would stay in Michigan's class.   What does this do for Stewart who is visiting this weekend and Pie Young, I have no idea?

  • Speaking of wide receivers.  Nate Johnson visited ND this weekend and PSU next.  Doesn't solid like he is a solid commit at this point.

  • NJ DT and PSU commit Michael Dwumfour who visited last weekend seems to have enjoyed his stay in A2.  Mike is great friends with Gary and if Dwumfour did commit, it could be a slam dunk with Gary.  Mike is doing his official at PSU this weekend. 

  • Michigan is in the top 5 for TX LB Dontavious Jackson along with Alabama, Florida, Florida State, and Texas.  He is not expected to end up in the Wolverines class, but he sure is needed!

  • David Long loved his visit with the Michigan coaches last night and it seemed Jimmy even climbed a tree.  He commits on ESPNU on Thursday.

  • TE Chase Allen is expected to have an in home with the Michigan coaches on Thursday.  I would expect a commitment shortly after that.

  • Jimmy is expected to do an in home visit with AZ DE Connor Murphy tonight and is expected to sleep over.


Big35Hurt said...

The Swenson comment is a cause for concern. If he doesn't stick around, do we have any other OLinemen in the mix? Losing out on the 2 kids during the all-american games and now losing him is concerning for a team that wants to run it down people's throats.

Tim said...

Good rundown.

Question: regarding the three that have not taken official visits to A2. Is that because kids never found time, are looking elsewhere or the coaches have not made them a priority?

I don't have much experience with how all this works. Just seems odd to me that with signing day two weeks away that a kid has not taken an official yet.

Scott K said...

Onwenu, Bredeson and Hamilton are all O Line guys. Raulerson sounds very positive and VA OT commit Spanellis was in A2 for an official last weekend as well.

Since official visits are on the school's dime, you gotta imagine there's something not quite right if a commit hasn't taken one, unless he's a local and has been on campus a dozen times on unofficial visits.

excited for the next couple weeks and the wrap up of this recruiting class... GO BLUE!

Mike T said...

I agree with Scott... The other 3 OL guys are rated higher so if your going to not sign guy #4 better off he's the 4th rated.... Need to keep Onwenu...

And getting Raulerson would be a way to offset losing Swenson.. Could be an either or situation. And Raulerson starts day 1 as a Junior while Swenson redshirts like 90% of OL men

Still curious who else from the current team does not come back though... Henry left for NFL, Richardson, Douglas and Green left leaving the number of open ships to 20. If we sign 28 then 8 more current players go bye bye.

Bob said...

I have heard that you have to jump through quite a few academic hoops to qualify for an official visit. So it could be a sign there is some eligibility concerns. Most commits take officials before signing day. During RR days a guy committed late in the process and never took a visit, signed with Michigan and then took his official after NSD.

Voice of Reason said...

As funny as it may sound, the truth is that we still have a lot of time between now and NSD. A lot can and likely will happen between now and then. There will likely be some movement both expected and unexpected. There is nothing we can do but let the coaching staff work their magic and bring in the best possible class. I believe they know what they're doing. IMHO!!!

Harbaugh NationA2 said...

Jim is the best coach in the country on any level imho

Scott K said...

Climbing trees, sleep overs, shadow day in high school.... no doubt Jim is recruiting with an enthusiasm unknown to man kind. There's been nothing but improvement for the past 13 months and its been a long time coming. I'll be shocked if we don't land a top 5 recruiting class.

Its still fun to speculate who ends up in and who ends up not in. The first 1/2 hour of my day at the office is spent reading recruiting updates from a half dozen sources.