Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Michigan Tuesday: Rankings, Rooms, and Remebering

Congrats to Alabama again last night, that was a pretty good football game.   I sure didn't expect 85 points scored  between the teams.  Clemson is also very good and will be #1 on many of the polls next year.  

Speaking of next years (way to early) polls:  ESPN has Michigan ranked #4 and USA Today has the Wolverines ranked #3.   Michigan finished ranked #12 in the final AP poll this season.   That is a successful year for Jimmy and staff  in year 1 of what we hope is the next 20 years.

The 2016 class or what I like to call the Hotel Harbaugh is filling up fast and I don't see many rooms left.   I did forget to mention yesterday that Chris Evans turned down his new OSU offer and will stick with the Wolverines.   Many had thought OSU was his dream offer and that he was planning a visit.   He tweeted out that he was grateful for the offer but Michigan is home.   His OSU offer was at CB and Michigan is still wanting him to play on offense.

Rooms Occupied:

7 players enrolled

Rooms Reserved:

17 verbal commitments

Rooms Available


The worst kept secret is that CA CB David Long has silently committed to the Wolverines.   He is still visiting Washington before he heads off to Europe (pretty sure I have never wrote that in a recruiting update before).   Michigan is the team to beat but UW has stolen a Michigan recruit at the bell before (CA S Sean Parker).   David wore a small Michigan arm band in the AA game.

If we assume Long is heading to Ann Arbor, does that leave a spot for LaVert Hill?  I doubt it.

We know that Michigan is keeping a spot open for Gary who is expected to make a signing day decision.

That would leave one spot open for the likes of:

  • WR Donald Stewart (HS teammate of Gary) visit on 1/22
  • TE Chase Allen is visiting this weekend
  • WR Pie Young who still considers Michigan his leader
  • LB Jon Jones - much needed position
  • TE Devin Asiasi - visiting 1/22
  • DT Boss Tagaloa - visiting 1/22 with Asiasi
  • TX DE Levi Onwuzurike - trending away from Michigan at this point
  • DE Connor Murphy
  • DE Joshua Uche
  • Athlete Jordan Fuller
  • Athlete Khaleke Hudson
  • LB Dontavoius Jackson

Can we oversell the hotel?

Not really and Michigan will have to be very creative with numbers and expect some in this class to flame out in the next few weeks.  I think Michigan is done on the offense line (outside of Texas graduate transfer Jake Raulerson) and would really like to add another LB in this class. 

I think Chase Allen will be on serious commit watch this weekend.   He will not want to wait until Asiasi gets to A2 a week later.  Asiasi also plays on the defensive line but wants to play TE. 

I think Michigan isn't in a great spot for either of the LB's left on the board.   Michigan has been the leader for Jon Jones for a long time but the longer he takes his recruitment the worse it is for Michigan. 

Lots of names for only one or two spots. 

The Harbaugh Brothers are heading into the Pioneer High School Hall of Fame.   Congrats to them both.  



Big35Hurt said...

Ross Taylor-Douglass is leaving as a Grad Transfer. Was he included in your calculation? Or does that open up another spot?

Big35Hurt said...

Would be a shame if we can't get both Hill & Long. They both looked really good at the Army game. Plus, if we lose Hill, he will undoubtedly go to one of our rivals too. :o(

Bob said...

Yes, I expected Ross would leave for another opportunity. He is one of 10-11 players that will be leaving the program.

Scott K said...

Terry Richardson as well.

ScottyDoggs said...

Nice frick'in article!

Mike T said...

Sir Patrick Scott just de-committed.. Making room for Hill :)