Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Wolverine Wednesday: Dreams of the $1.5B

If I hit the Powerball tonight, you will start seeing a ton of site improvements!  :-)

We started to see players leave the program yesterday and we will be seeing 8-9 more.   I think the biggest hit was probably Ross Taylor-Douglas who was great for depth being an athlete that could play a number of positions. I don't blame him for leaving, he has two years left, can play right away and was never going to see the field as a RB at Michigan.

TRich never broke the lineup and might have been a victim of the "old school" thinking on you had to get smaller DB who could run and have fluid hips to cover WR's out of breaks.   Now defenses want taller corners that can cover these very tall WR's. 

  • Michigan had a very impressive home win last night over #3 ranked Maryland without their best player.   That is a nice resume win for the NCAA Tournament.  

  • Jimmy says he wants to sleep over at Quinn Nordin's house.   I have no idea how they are going to get him into the class if he wants to come to A2.   Quinn is currently committed to Penn State.  Jordan Elliott said that Jimmy is going to spend the night at his house as well. 

  • Scouts is saying that Michigan is now in the drivers seat for AZ DE Connor Murphy.  

  • Jimmy was at the State of the Union last night.

  • Jimmy is also considering having a week of spring ball down at IMG in Florida.   I just love how he pushes the envelop and comes up with new ideas.   Players could get used to practice in the heat and recruits from Florida could come see practice.   It would be during Spring Break if your worried about kids missing class.   Also IMG has 4 and 5 star prospects every year.


Scott K said...

I have no idea, and I'm curious.... If a kid like Nordin is a 4.0 gpa kinda student, couldn't he get academic scholarship $ and not use one of the athletic scholarships?

Tim said...

Good question Scott K. From what I understand if a kid plays football and gets any other scholarship money (from academics, a different sport, etc) it counts towards football scholarship.

I assume that is in place to keep schools from handing out academic scholi's, or a use a scholi from a different sport, and give to football players.

Scott K said...

That makes sense, thanks. It is kinda a shame tho... kids can grey shirt and pay their own way, when they might qualify for $$ otherwise.

Croose Hackle said...

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Scott K said...

So long Big Willie, and sir Patrick. Rashan..... there's definately a starting spot on the D line up for grabs.