Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Wolverine Wednesday: Jimmy is Back In Class

Jimmy is everywhere right now.  Yesterday, he attended a World Religion class at De La Salle High School in Concord, California with Boss Tagaloa.  Jimmy was there to check in on the Boss and TE Devin Asiasi, who are both expected to visit A2 this weekend.

I'm not sure what happened in OT Erik Swenson's recruitment but he never took an official visit and now does not look like he will be part of the class.    He hasn't officially de-committed but he removed all the Michigan stuff from his twitter account and pretty much all the insiders say he won't be part of this class.   Update: Erik de-committed today.  Insiders believe that the Michigan coaches laid out a plan for him that showed a ton of competition and years away from playing time.   The coaches didn't pull his scholarship but did show him a long road to playing time. Sounds like the Michigan coaches were not fond of Erik's development.   You can also put Enis and Weaver in the same boat.

With Swenson seemly out of the class now, OL with LB now seem to be a concern.   If Michigan does get the Texas center transfer Jake Raulerson he will have two years left at Michigan.   Michigan also hosted Virginia commit Stephen Spanellis last weekend.

  • The Michigan coaches stopped by GA OT EJ Price, he was high on the Wolverines early in the process but I haven't heard his name associated with the Wolverines in months.   Seems like a long shot at this point, unless he visits.

  • Lloyd Carr is expected to be named to the new College Playoff Committee.  That is a wise choice.

  • Khaleke Hudson is one of the hottest recruits in the country right now, he is now a 4 star recruit on 24/7 and Scouts. His all star game performance and senior tape has propelled him up the rankings.

  • Jimmy slept over at Connor Murphy's house last night. Looks like they watched a movie.


Harbaugh NationA2 said...

I have been a die hard Michigan fan since the early 90s. The last decade has really been tough. With all the loses and horrible QB play. We used to be really good at QB and always had a team full of nfl wide receivers. Hell we had nfl talent at every position. With jimmy at the helm I can tell our glory days aren't behind us they have just begun. He is a QB whisper er and can recruit and coach up anybody. I see multiple national championships in our near future. I sure do hope jimmy harbaugh stays until he's ready to retire cause there's not another coach I would rather have in college or the pros. It would be really hard to go from the best coach in the game back to some joker like Brady hokey.

Lets finish this class off strong with Gary Long and a big time Line Backer please.... GOBLUE!!!

Mike T said...

Swenson officially decommitted

Scott K said...

Jordan Elliot is taking an official to TX... not good

Mike T said...

That sucks. Don't like that at all.

But JH will keep a solid group...

Croose Hackle said...

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