Monday, February 8, 2016

Michigan Monday: Wonders Out Loud About The Super Bowl

ZThe NFL is the most popular professional sports league in America and there isn't a close second.   They hype their biggest game of the year for two weeks and when it's a dud it's hard to feel great about the future of the league in the aftermath.   Mostly with guys retiring in their primes due to future health concerns.

I don't know if that Concussion movie was good or not, but whoever planned to release it against Star Wars is not very smart. 

If your not a Broncos fan, that was a poor football game.  The winning team had less then 200 yards of offense and won the game.  First time in history that happened.  It was like watching Alabama play and undermanned Mississippi State.    This was just another example of the NFL this season.   If you ask me, college football is moving into the NFL space and taking share. 

Of course Jimmy wants to be in college, his system works for guys that want to get to the league and will only have 4-5 years under his tutelage.   He went on radio row on Friday for Colgate and hit pretty much every show.  He told everyone that he is having fun in Ann Arbor and has no plans on getting back to the NFL.   Jim Hackett lock him down in a long term contract before you leave!  

  • I didn't watch the Michigan - MSU basketball game this weekend as I figured it was going to be one sided.   Michigan needs to get Caris back and find a way to play some defense. 

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