Thursday, February 18, 2016

Michigan Thursday: Loses Mr. Jackson
This is going to be a regular occurrence,  Michigan will be losing assistant coaches every off season to head coaching jobs, promotions and NFL gigs.   The Wolverines lost a quality coach yesterday as DB coach Greg Jackson headed to the Dallas Cowboys.   Michigan still has a DB coach in place with Greg Zordich and I was a bit surprised that Jimmy had two coaches in the secondary last year.  So he does have a bit of flexibility on where he wants to go next.   

I know my dad and other might suggest Charles Woodson, but he has new job at ESPN for big dollars once a week.  If you want to consider a former player, you might want to think about someone like Marcus Ray.  

  • This is a bit old, but USA Today reports that Jimmy spends $10,000 a day when he uses a private plane for recruiting.    This is exactly what he should be doing and it's worth every penny.   The time savings, flexibility and ability to see multiple recruits on the same day is worth the cost.  I wouldn't be surprised if a Michigan donor picks up most of this tab anyway. 


Mike T said...

Bush Sr. is also a candidate.

Texas recently fired DB coach Chris Vaughn who was a highly rated recruiter. Was fired because he is named the lean violator from Ole Miss when he was there. I doubt JH does that direction.

JH will find a very suitable replacement.

This will continue every year as we compete for the National Championship :)

Mike T said...

Bush Sr. it is..... Welcome team 2017 Flanagan :) CB Stanford Samuels

Cormac said...

If Marcus Ray were hired, a good portion of Sam Webb's readers (and followers) at the would have a complete nuclear meltdown.