Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Michigan Tuesday: Dylan Moving Up

Dylan McCaffrey is seeing his ranking pop up after his early commitment to Michigan.   He is now a 5 star composite and #1 ranked Pro Passer on 24/7 and #18 overall.   He moved up on Rivals as well, he is now the #39th player in the nation (up from 114).  

ESPN has him ranked as the #1 Pocket Passer and the 25th player in the country. 

What a great early pick up by Jimmy and Staff.   This should help recruiting, too bad Michigan only needs a couple WR's in this class. 

What to know if we have a "Rock Star" as a head coach?  He was at WWE in Detroit last night:

Staff News:

  • Reports are that Jimmy is interviewing:  Chip Viney, a QC coach for Oklahoma for the Greg Jackson gig. Viney is a former UCLA corner before being on Stoops staff as a grad assistant.  Chip took the QC job last year.  Where does he find these guys?

  • Jimmy has also hired to his staff former San Jose State OC Jimmie Dougherty who was rumored to be inline for the WR coach role last year. 

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