Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Wolverine Wednesday: The SEC Won't Let Jimmy Be

A clear sign that Jimmy is making people nervous is when the SEC goes to the NCAA for rules to stop his ground breaking ideas.    Dennis Dodd from CBS Sports said he spoke to the SEC commissioner Greg Sankey, who is going to try to stop Michigan's IMG spring practice in Florida during spring break.   The reason you may find a bit funny:

“Our primary reaction [is] that, in the face of the time-demand conversations, we've got one program taking what has been 'free time' away,” Sankey said. “Let's draw a line and say, ‘That's not appropriate.'"

Greg believes that practice shouldn't be happening during Spring Break, which should be the students athlete's free time.  I believe many programs run Spring Practice during spring break.  You know what else is free time?  Christmas vacation, when everyone is preparing for Bowl Games or playoffs.     How would that work for basketball?   It doesn't.   Greg is grasping at straws. 

How many players would be able to afford to go to Florida for Spring Break on the Wolverines squad if there isn't any scheduled practices?   If you are a player and you get to practice in A2 or Florida, which option would you pick? To me this is a great benefit for the Michigan squad and Jimmy has mentioned they will have a little fun during the trip as well.  

Since that isn't the "real" reason, what is the concern?

Michigan traveling to Florida could also be perceived as another incursion on SEC recruiting territory. The SEC and ACC have sponsored pending legislation that would ban so-called offseason “satellite camps.” Harbaugh caused a stir when he took over at Michigan as he appeared at several of those camps deep in SEC recruiting territory.

“The net of that is to say the Southeastern Conference is not going to be outpaced in recruiting,” Sankey said. “If the national approach is that we want to have more aggressive summer camps and coaches touring around all summer, then we will not only engage in that behavior, we will certainly engage in that behavior more actively -- probably more effectively than others.”

Thanks Greg for confirming you are concerned about being "outpaced".  

  • Jimmy is playing golf in the Pebble Beach Pro-Am.   I can't imagine he spends to much time refining his short game.

  • Mgoblog has a nice run down of 2017 defensive recruiting needs. 

  • ESPN's Todd McShay is getting heat from ESPN for doing Jimmy's Signing Day Event.  ESPN is probably concerned they missed an opportunity by not covering the event.  I'm not buying that Todd can no longer be objective. 


dennis said...

This is hilarious. SEC complaining about following the rules. Common man this is about some one from outside the hood beating them at their own game. GO BLUE.

Mike T said...

Not that it matters but Hudson and Hill are missing from your 2016 commit signed list.

SEC should be embarrassed that JH out foxed them....

I don't think it can be over-turned at this stage...

But a rule might come out for future planning....

JH had to of had this cleared already by the NCAA.

dude1984 said...

I thought SEC recruiting consisted solely of paying off players?

I like this idea of out of state spring break practice. If anything it should keep the kids out of trouble. There is nothing stopping the SEC teams from heading out to southern California or somewhere in Texas.

Bob said...

Thanks Mike T - Now Fixed!