Friday, March 11, 2016

Michigan Friday: IU at Noon

Michigan played an ugly first round game against Northwestern but limped away with a win in OT.   They now face a ranked Indiana team at noon again today.   Winning today will give the Wolverines the best shot at getting into the NCAA Championship Tournament if they lose, they are headed to the NIT.   Indiana is favored by 7 and Jimmy of course is torn on who he wants to win.   The game will be on ESPN.

If you like a preview of todays game, check out Mgoblog. 

  • Things you may or may not know.  Did you know Michigan's Baseball team is ranked #19 in the country?  It's been a very long time since Michigan had a solid Baseball program.  


Scott K said...

We are really, really over due to see Robinson, Walton, MAAR and Irvan rain down 3's like there's no tomorrow.

two big upsets in the tourney yesterday, with Wisconsin and Iowa falling, lets make it three and knock off the evil brother-in-law.


Scott K said...

oh.... and PLEASE cover that little bastard Ferrell!!! he kills us ever game.

Scott K said...

Holy Wah! Go Blue!