Friday, March 4, 2016

Michigan Friday: Jimmy Roasts Butch Jones

Jimmy got a bit upset at Tennessee's Butch Jones over twitter yesterday:

Butch might want to pay more attention to the Title IX lawsuit and the recent information where he told a player he was a "traitor" for helping one of the female victims.   On the other hand he might have learned a few things from getting lunch and watching practice at IMG.  

Jimmy seemed to let this guy off the hook on twitter (so far):

  • The Tony Tuioti hire to Jimmy's staff was confirmed yesterday.

  • Sid Hartman for the Star Tribune wrote this yesterday in an article: This week Kill spent time with his close friend, TCU coach Gary Patterson, and could wind up on his staff. Kill has always been close to Jack Harbaugh, father of Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh, and rumors around the Big Ten are that a job on the Wolverines staff is his if he wants it.  I know Jerry is well liked and a good coach, but I'm not sure he would be a great fit on Jimmy's staff.   On the other hand, I love the name Sid Hartman as it sounds like a delicious sandwich at your favorite deli.   Give me a Sid Hartman with a side of chips!  :)

  • Here is a good practice run down from Nick at Mlive.

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M go Clean said...

Do you know what the remaining spring practice schedule is through the Spring game, I've seen nothing on it?