Monday, March 14, 2016

Michigan Monday: Get LeVert in a Hyperbaric Chamber!

Michigan played one of the best games of their season on Friday afternoon and upset the #1 seed in the Big Ten Tournament Indiana.  The forgotten one Kam Chatman hit a 3 pointer at the buzzer for the win. 

On Saturday, Purdue was the better team and looked at as it blew out the Wolverines in the Big Ten Semi-Final. 

Michigan didn't play on Sunday and it turns out they will need the rest because they are playing in the new 1st round in Dayton on Wednesday night against Tulsa.  They were one of the last teams in the tournament and will have to play an extra game to prove they belong.   Vegas has them as a 1.5 point favorite in the game. 

Coach B's teams are never fun match-ups in the NCAA because they are known for shooting 3's and the 1-3-1 defense.   Michigan still shoots 3's but struggles on the defensive end of the floor.   If Michigan can shoot the lights out in Dayton and maybe in Brooklyn they could win two games in this tournament.   If they don't they will be out as the tournament starts. 

I sure wish Spike and Caris were healthy.   This team would be completely different with those two seniors on the floor.

Either way, Michigan got into the big dance and now its time to see if they belong or not.  I have no idea on Tulsa but I know ND is very similar to Michigan.  Good offense and no defense. 

Should be fun to watch. 

  • Warde Manuel officially becomes the 12th AD at Michigan today for his first day on the job.  Welcome home Warde!


Scott K said...

Common opponents: Tulsa beat UConn by 9, lost to SMU by 12.

It won't be an easy game.

Renegade said...

Some Michigan numbers from the Purdue game:

3 Pt % : 6/25 24%
2 Pt FG % : 17-36 47%
Overall FG % : 23-61 38%

Live and die by the three.

Scott K said...

We had no answer for their two big men. Boilermakers scored 42 of their 76 in the paint (55%)

Scott K said...

Three, no answer for their three big men.

Renegade said...

You are absolutely right about the big men. Beilein recruits for small, quick, and three point shooters. When you run into a big strong team like Purdue and your 3 pt shots aren't hitting ...