Monday, March 21, 2016

Michigan Monday: No Sleep Till Brooklyn

After Michigan's First Four win on Wednesday, they flew directly to NYC and didn't get in until 4:00AM on Thursday morning with a Friday night game.   The Wolverines played a very good first half as they shot ND right out of their zone defense.  ND figured it out at half-time, played man to man and started shooting well.   Zak Irvin shot too much, Michigan's low post defense continued to be poor,  and ND came back late in the second half.  Michigan had very little answers and lost the game late.

It is was it is, Michigan might even had made it to the round of 16 with the win over ND, but wasn't going to ever make it to the Final 4.   Now for MSU on the other hand.............................

Coach B has a lot of thinking to do during the off season on it's lineup rotation, his recruiting and his coaches.   Letting the 6 man of the year go to a rival probably wasn't the best decision for a team that had trouble with defense all year.   

  • There is some buzz that 3/4 star S from Alabama AJ Harris might commit today.  He has Michigan leader and just came off a visit.  AJ currently doesn't have an offer from either Alabama or Auburn.  It will be interesting to see if he pulls the trigger on a commitment today or not!

  • LB Pete Werner visited both Michigan and ND this weekend.  LB David Adams committed to ND on Sunday.

  • Point Guard Xavier Simpson a Michigan Basketball signee, won Mr. Basketball for Ohio and Gatorade Player of the Year for Ohio.  His team lost in the state final this weekend. 

  •  OL/C Cesar Ruiz now from IMG but home in NJ will visit A2 again for the Spring Game.

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Scott K said...

Mo Wagner has shown flashes of Big Mitch McGary type play. I hope he bulks up over the summer and TAKES the starting 5 role for next year.

MAAR also came on strong late this season, getting to the rim off the dribble, like no one else was.

My hope is that Duncan spends some time learning how to move without the ball. All he has to do is watch game film from this year, because whatever our opponents were doing to get wide open looks from beyond the arc, is what he needs to learn.

There is a lot of disappointment and frustration out there, when it comes to this basketball season. I do wonder if Coach B needs a new face on his staff, someone that's really good at teaching defense and motivating... The questions if its time for a new HC are just plain CRAZY! This team did under achieve this season. They won the games they should have won, lost the games they should have lost and pulled a couple nice upsets along the way. They were entirely to predictable for the most part, win when the long ball is falling, get dominated in the paint and on the boards when they lose. That being said, we also lost two starters for the season.
Donal had some quality games, but wasn't consistent. Wagner looks like a real blue collar stud, work in progress.
With a true 7' coming on in Teske, and a quality PG in Simpson, I think we'll be fine.