Thursday, March 24, 2016

Michigan Thursday: Notre Dame To The Big Ten in hockey

Well, it's a start.   ND hasn't ever wanted to be a part of the Big Ten for financial TV reasons, now they're coming over and sticking a toe in the water with hockey.   Who knows maybe it's the first step in bigger things to come.   Which would only happen if NBC files for chapter 11.

  • Michigan has scheduled another satellite camp, this time in Mississippi on June 8th.

  • Mgohoops is reporting that Coach B is looking at possible Sacred Heart PG transfer Cane Broome.  Cane would have to sit out a year but would have two full years in A2.  He averaged 23 points per game as a sophomore this year.   Michigan has a PG coming in with this next class but Cane could give them some experience at the position after Walton leaves.

  • OSU Gene Smith's apologizes for his Michigan remarks.

  • Jay Harbaugh doesn't have heat in his new house.

  • Aubrey Dawkins father Johnny, who just lost his Stanford head coaching job will be the new head coach at Central Florida.

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Renegade said...

"Who knows maybe it's the first step in bigger things to come."

By that I assume you mean ND joining the Big 10 or re-starting the series with Michigan. As I have said in the past here Michigan can do better. ND has had their chances to join the B1G and decided instead to play a number of games each year against that football powerhouse conference the ACC. Let 'em stay there.