Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Michigan Tuesday: Peppers Practices At LB

Below are a few observations from the media down at IMG on the first day of Spring Practice:

  • Peppers was practicing at a LB/Hybrid role in Don Brown's defense on Monday.    With the lack of depth and experience at this position, this is not a surprise. 

  • Chase Winovich is working at DE

  • Brian Smith's hire is now official as the DB/S Coach and is coaching at IMG

  • Jimmy loves him some Don Brown:  "(I) love him. Love him, love him. He had a meeting last night and there was a partition in between the offense and the defense, and the paint peeled off the walls (he was so loud)," Harbaugh said. "He's an intense man. A ball of fire. We'll have to get the meeting room repainted because he was peeling the paint off. "I'm very excited to watch him coach. I learned a lot of football (from him) after just one day and I know our players did even more. I'm beyond excited (about him). Thrilled."

  • Wheat Jr. is up to nearly 300 pounds and still working at TE

  • Freddie Canteen is back to WR

  • Ty Isaac is down 12 pounds to 226

  • Furbush who ran with the 1's at LB is up to 242 pounds from 217

  • Grant Newsome who ran with the 1's on the OL is 6'7 and 300 pounds

  • Mason Cole and Jon Runyan Jr. are both over 300 pounds now


Tim said...

Thanks Bob.

I don't want anyone to shoot me for saying this, but last time I was this excited for spring football and opening season was 2007.

That was a long time ago. Since opening day 2007 we have changed coaches, philosophies and AD's among other things multiple times.

Now we have a legit top 5 head coach, solid recruiting base and I am very excited for the future.

Mike T said...

2017 LB prospect Simmons from AA committed to Buckeyes

Harbaugh NationA2 said...

GoBlue @HarbaughNation

Harbaugh NationA2 said...

That pisses me off about simmons

Harbaugh NationA2 said...

Can't wait to kick osu ass

Renegade said...

It seems that Simmons and Michigan never really had that much interest in one another from the stories I have read. I wish he had picked another school, but wish him the best (except on that certain Saturday at the end of the regular season).

Scott K said...

well, there's a long way to go. we can always hope he decommits before it is all said and done.

Big35Hurt said...

Looks like we are going to have some BIG BOYS up front this year......time to move that line up scrimmage!

Bob said...

I was surprised by Simmons commitment and I think your right about not being 100% interested until Don Brown started recruiting him. There is a ton of time before signing day and a lot of football to be played.