Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Wolverine Wednesday: Did Michigan Find It's LB's During Florida Practices?

Michigan's biggest question coming into the 2016 season is, who is going to play LB for the Wolverines?  A majority of the 2015 snaps were from seniors.   Even the coaches are new with Coach Partridge and Coach Brown now focused on this position group.  So who is going to step up?

“I think Ben Gedeon is a stud,” Harbaugh said. “He had a great four days of camp so far. I think he’s doing a tremendous job.”

“I think Noah Furbush is going to contribute,” Harbaugh said. “Devin Bush Jr. is going to be good (too). So we got some real good players in there. I feel much better about our linebacker situation after four days.”

Michigan has had big plans for Mike McCray.   The former Ohio LB seems to have been hurt his entire career at Michigan.   If I remember correctly, he was even hurt his senior year of HS and didn't play a full senior season.   Mike is now 100% and ready to play some football:

"It was frustrating but then again I have family and friends that kept me focused," McCray said. "Now I feel mentally stronger and it's going to help me in the long run. God has a plan for me, just last year the injury, the setback, I feel fine now."

We also know Michigan's best athlete Jabrill Peppers will be taking snaps in a Safety/LB Hybrid role as well.   (on a side note - how many "Jordan" #2 jerseys is MDen going to sell this fall?"  They better order as many as they can get from Nike).

"I think the defense is going to be really good," McCray said. "We had a great defense last year but I feel like we could be a lot better this year. For the linebackers, I feel like the inexperience doesn't matter, we've got a lot of young guys and a lot of athletes at linebacker. We will be perfectly fine."

Michigan doesn't really have any experience at the LB position which is a concern but it sounds like the boys are understanding the role and they will have a dominate DL ahead of them and a dominate secondary behind them.  I also like that Devin Bush is in school early as he will get snaps this year for sure.  

Coach Partridge is ready: "It doesn't get any better for me," Partridge said. "This is awesome, I'm on the field and doing what I love. I'm coaching, I'm getting after it. You attack any role you have, I attacked last year like it was the best role that I would ever have and now I have a new one. Maybe I like this one a little better but I'm going to attack it 110% and do whatever I can for the team and whatever they ask of me."

Michigan still has 9 or 10 spring practices to figure it out and get these guys in the right position. 

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