Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Wolverine Wednesday: Jimmy Is Taking Michigan Spring Practice on The Road Again

I can't believe he is doing this again!   I'm sure we're going to hear from the Wayne State's of the world now.   

Michigan is practicing at Ford Field this Saturday for 4 hours.   High school coaches and players are welcomed to attend.   Michigan may open it up to the general public as well.

Get ready for this: It's scheduled on a weekend, when classes are not in session!!  Will he ever stop? 

Jimmy has really pushed the envelope this time.  Giving the kids a free trip to Florida over spring break, now stealing more free time on the weekend with a practice and a bus ride to Detroit.   This is getting out of hand. 

What are the Lions going to think about having a great coach walking the sidelines of Ford Field?

Somebody call ESPN to cover this thing!


  • Love that Jimmy isn't afraid to mix it up on twitter.   Gene Smith mentions something about Jimmy and spring break and trying to "jump start" his program.  Jimmy fires back, welcoming Gene back to relevancy after the tattoo fiasco.

  • WR Da'mario Jones who we already knew was leaving will play his final year of college football at Bowling Green.

  • Michigan's top recruit for 2017 Donovan Peoples-Jones tweeted out a video of him and Devin Gardner working out.

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Scott K said...

yeah, urban liar even told reporters he would consider spring practice in fl... then obviously his top program fundraisers and gene smith chewed his ass about saying ANYTHING that gives any amount of credit to Michigan. The next day coach liar followed up saying that was a flippant reply to a reporters question, after real thought and consideration, it wouldn't be fair to the kids to take away their spring break. LOL