Friday, April 29, 2016

Michigan Friday: So Satellite Camps are Back

Well, that bad decision didn't take long to get reversed and now Jimmy gets to work like the crazy man he is over the summer.  

Start looking for new dates and locations.  Jimmy has already teamed up with Kirby Smart from Georgia on an Atlanta camp.   If you can't beat them - join them.

  • So how was Laremy Tunsil's night?  He goes from the #1 pick and drops down to Miami at 13 after 10 minutes before the draft, a video of him with a gas mask of him smoking and a text conversation of him taking money hit his Instagram.   He also admitted taking money from a coach.   Many people thought Ole' Miss was paying kids when they had that huge (in number of stars) recruiting class 3 or 4 years ago.  It seems it was confirmed last night.

  • So why has OSU been so dominate over the past few years?  I think last night's 5 first round draft picks was another sign.   I'm thankful everyday for Jimmy!  The couldn't cook rumor didn't seem to effect Eli Apple's draft staus at pick #10.  Let's hope we see some Wolverines go today.

  • Da’Shawn Hand's DL coach at Alabama is resigning due to possible recruiting violations.   That interesting - maybe it wasn't that hurricane simulator?

  • There seems to be a lot excitement over Michigan Basketball's recruitment of MI SF Jamal Cain, who visited and got offered this week.   He is a 3 star guy that seems to be a good candidate to bounce up the rankings.   If you missed it this week, that Columbia point guard picked Cal over Michigan and Syracuse.  I got a graduate transfer they should sign - Spike!


ScottyDoggs said...

I know some reputable bloggers call Ohio State's coach "Urban liar", but with all do respect, look at the record he set with the draft. He walks the walk after "the talk". It's commendable what Rudock and Glasgow achieved... in time Harbaugh will "kick booty" also... but I must compliment our common foe... for owning the 2016 NFL draft.

Scott K said...

I was at a JDRF fundraiser in columbus in 2006, it was on the saturday of the NFL draft. tressel was keynote speaker, they had 6 players selected in the first round, if memory serves. urban liar has continued something thats been going on down there for quite a few years.
free tats, weed and cars..... recruits love that shit.