Monday, April 25, 2016

Michigan Monday: Jimmy Is Offering Everyone in the 2017 Class

Things are quiet in Schembechler Hall these days. Which is something new for Jimmy after arriving in Ann Arbor.   He has been everywhere and making noise while doing it.  

The 2017 class might make it to 20 spots but it should be a relatively small class.   With that said, Jimmy and staff have an estimated over 200 offers on the street right now for 2017 class, some have estimated it might be closer to 250-300 offers.    Here are a few new ones:

  • 2017 Flint DE Deron Irving-Bey
  • 2017 Walnut Creek (Calif.) WR Isaiah Hodgins
  • 2017 Buena Park (Calif.) CB Elijah Gates

Remember when Braylon got upset that Michigan hadn't offered his brother Berkley?  He ended up going to Minnesota and had a nice freshman year.  After that he was very quiet.  We just learned this weekend that he transferred to Central Michigan.   Berkley will run track and play football for the Chips.

Hudson signed with Michigan in February, and Harbaugh played a big part in getting him to choose the Wolverines.

"He's the best coach in college football," Hudson said. "You can't dislike him. He's just a great coach. When I first met him, it was like I always knew him.

"That is the relationship that he has with you."

It wasn't just Harbaugh that got the McKeesport standout to Michigan, however.
"I love the school," he said. "Academic wise, football wise ... everything played a part, and the football team is just like a family."

  • Dan Wetzel of Yahoo calls out spending in College Football.  He references Michigan a couple of times:
In 2011, the University of Michigan athletic department employed 253 people, according to state records. Four years later, in 2015, it was 334, up 32 percent.

During that period, the average salary grew 22.4 percent, to $89,851. Over a seven-year span, the number of athletic department employees making six figures went from 30 to 81.
Michigan is hardly unique. It's on par with its peers. Critics point to the salaries of big-name coaches, but it's everything that is growing in college sports

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