Monday, April 11, 2016

Michigan Monday: Satellite Camps Backlash

The NCAA and their new ruling on Satellite Camps seem to be getting hit pretty hard from the folks outside the ACC and SEC.   Mike Leach has a solid take:

“It appears that the selfish interests of a few schools and conferences prevailed over the best interests of future potential student-athletes,” WSU coach Mike Leach said in a text message to the Seattle Times. “The mission of universities and athletic programs should be to provide future student-athletes with exposure to opportunities, not to limit them. It appears to me that some universities and conferences are willing to sacrifice the interests of potential student-athletes for no better reasons than to selfishly monopolize their recruiting bases.

“I will be fascinated to hear any legitimate reasoning behind this ruling.”

The NCAA would have been smart to limit the number of camps, not shutting them down completely.   Doing 4-5 camps a summer seems like a good compromise for both sides.

  • 2017 CB Stanford Samuels III has a top four of Alabama, Georgia, Florida State and Michigan.

  • Michigan has offered Gadsden (Ala.) Gadsden City 2017 offensive tackle Toryque Bateman

  • Instate 4-star DE/LB Corey Malone-Hatcher is planning a summer decision.  He is considered a Michigan lean.

  • WR Donovan Peoples-Jones visited OSU this weekend.


Voice of Reason said...

When I first read about the NCAA's ruling banning Satellite camps my first reaction was "NCAA/The Empire Strikes Back." Because here you have (as been stated by our colleagues) the SEC conference coaches and AD's whom I believe have pressured the NCAA into stopping Jim Harbaugh. They wouldn't have cared if it were Iowa, or Wisconsin or Appalachian State holding these camps, however, when Jim Harbaugh ran the camps then they had to stop Michigan, they had to stop Jim Harbaugh. He was the imminent threat, so they called an Ad hoc meeting to put this fire out. Only problem is that they used gasoline to do it. They weren't thinking any further than their own bank accounts because in trying to stop Harbaugh, they lowered the boom on the kids, their families and so many other smaller programs that also benefited from these camps. I am glad to see that there is such a backlash that it has to catch the attention of the SEC programs and the NCAA. I hope the unsigned athletes and their families also see what frauds they're dealing with and choose other conferences and schools to attend.

I hope someone takes (et al) legal action against the NCAA if they don't back down and change their foolish ruling. Part of the problem is that there is no counter part to the NCAA. They are the only governing body in town. There is no National Intercollegiate Athletic Association in place that make them stop and think how they govern their programs. There is no equivalent to the US Department of Education that holds the Accrediting bodies accountable for their actions towards the schools they accredit. Instead, it looks as though it's just the NCAA doing what they want to do. I wish that the powers that be could have a governing body that is already in existence like the NAIA or some such group that manages the smaller universities to reorganize and expand to include D-1 schools and give the NCAA some real competition. There is no reason for "this is the way its always been" thinking not to be changed to "why not, it needs to be changed?" Because, as long as the NCAA is the only show in town, they will always hold athletic programs hostage. They are supposed to be a support to the athletic programs, not their oppressors. IMHO!!!

ScottyDoggs said...

Voice of Reason: Well spoken and good argument... my comment's are usually off the wall and sometimes start fights...

Yes, this is 100% attack on Harbaugh (no doubt), purely arbitrary...

I like to add, that why do not they address a real problem with the SEC's over signing, with some recruits getting treated like an abandoned pet being dropped off at a shelter, stripped of their scholarship.

Your comment is dead on ..."looks as though it's just the NCAA doing what they want to do." To me it's like a sick HOA that's taken over by a few families; then they dictate and piss off all the rest of the homeowners.

Harbaugh so far is wise like a fox, should keep mum, circle the wagon's and find all the support he can... if possible, let another name lead the lawsuit against NCAA... A legal team should be able to find fault in how decision was made... was the decision fair, and anything the SEC teams have done in the last fifty years that are camps or similar... I am sure they can find cracks in NCAA defense... with an assault by a class action (big 10,etc)... they should be able to drive semi's through these cracks, and defeat the NCAA.. then again Harbaugh might be so busy, and he will just blow it off (I can not speak for him)

M go Clean said...

Link to petition to repeal the NCAA ban on satellite camps;