Monday, April 18, 2016

Michigan Monday: Warde Manuel Looking To Fund Raise For A New Weight Room

I have never been in Alabama's weight room, but it seems very impressive from photos like these:

They paid over $9M in 2013 for this updated weight room and work out facility.

Warde and Jimmy are meeting with donors and looking at ways to raise money for a new Wolverine Weight Room that hasn't been updated since 2008 when RR was head coach.   The plan would be to expand Schembechler Hall to accommodate this type of Weight Room.   This is something Michigan has to do to keep up with competition from the SEC and schools like Oregon (see photo below).

USA Today
 They are also entertaining partnering with a famous U of M QB of the past, Tom Brady.  (Freep link)

Harbaugh said after February’s "Signing of the Stars" event that he had broached the idea with Tom Brady about expanding Brady’s TB12 sports therapy center, opened two years ago, to Ann Arbor.
Currently, it is in Foxborough, Mass., where Brady’s day job is located with the New England Patriots.
“Tom Brady is very important to us and, if he has some ideas conceptually that will be able to help us and move us forward and help our student-athletes, then I’m definitely going to have that conversation with him,” Manuel said. “And we have that conversation with many others to find out if there’s a way to provide to our students the things that they need to be successful. So we’ll continue to do that.”

Here are some renderings that have been out there for awhile:



Here is what it looks like today:

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clay56 said...

If we can get Michigan fans envolved with the raising the money for the weight room. It would be a great way for the fans to give back to MICHIGAN for a great cause. Let all know where to send the money to for our new weight room.