Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Michigan Tuesday: Nike Deal Is Done and Signed

From Mlive:

Michigan's long-awaited Nike apparel contract has been finalized, signed and dated.

And on Aug. 1, 2016, Michigan's athletic department will begin a partnership with Nike that will pay the university at least $173.8 million through 2031 (if Michigan extends the deal completely). If Michigan does not extend the deal, the contract will run through at least 2027.
The figure of $173.8 million is a bit higher than the originally reported number of $169 million that was floated last July.

In the official contract, Michigan will be paid a total of $85 million in Nike apparel and products through the full length of the 15 years, and a total of $88.8 million in base compensation. That figure includes a $12,000,000 lump sum payment made by Nike to Michigan within 10 days of the completed agreement.

The contract was officially signed and dated by Nike executives and Michigan athletic director Warde Manuel on March 16.

  • Ann Arbor resident and ESPN legend Mike Tirico is rumored to be leaving the world-wide leader and heading to NBC.   Not sure how he would work into Sunday Night Football but he for sure will be tagged for some golf events, I'm sure.    I will miss Mike calling Michigan Football and Basketball games.

  • Free Tom Brady - Did you hear his suspension got re-instated yesterday?  Will this story never end?  Hasn't everybody paid enough money for lawyers because a few balls didn't have enough air in them?   What a huge waste of time and money.  

  • OG Darnell Ewell has a top five of Alabama, Clemson, Michigan, Notre Dame and Ohio State. He hopes to make a decision before his senior season starts.

  • In a recruiting never stops bullet, Michigan hosted a 2019 QB this week. 

  • Donovan Peoples-Jones visited MSU for their Spring Game

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